Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Quick update.

There is no more severe thunderstorm warning out for Danville IL, however the system is getting closer as the clouds are moving in and the wind has picked up a bit. With this system we will see some gusty winds and some Lightning so be weather ready!

The wind is by far the worst thing we go coming other then rainfall and the chance for flooding. I feel for those in areas by high water like rivers and creeks. I already have at least two inches of standing watch in my backyard.

Still the winds are VERY BAD today. There have been reports all over in South IN, and in KY, with most of the reports being for Roof damage and Trees falling down and some Power lines down! This is what we may be looking for! We will have to watch this very closely.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin, wind is bad in Laf..


Justin said...

It is very bad out! If it was light out it would be fun to get out and start taking some pictures!
Fun to get wet while its windy and hard to stand up LOL.....

My grandma and Mom thinks I'M nuts for liking this kinda weather! ((AS LONG AS ALL STAY SAFE)) That is the main thing!!!!!

You just have to be weather ready!