Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We are keeping severe out of our area! But heavy rain and high winds are another story!


That's right Windy and rainy. I have been through the latest models and we look like we are starting to become stable and we will only have to worry about high winds gusting to 55mph at times and rainfall which could reach 2" inches maybe 2.2" inches. We will have to watch that closely..... One thing that will help is this dry slot we can see moving in our area in this image below take a look.Now I will not rule out a few rumbles but as for severe weather I think my forecast will hold true with what we have been calling for since yesterday. We will see it stay to our south and east. And the only current storm that could be severe right now at this time is down around KY, And the TN, areas. It may get to the way south parts of Indiana but not much farther. Here is your current Severe weather outlook below.....
You see we are at a really slight chance! This tells me the forecast looks good and I think it will hold just fine! So even with just the High winds and rain with gusts to 55 mph that is high enough to do damage so we should still be aware of the safety tips and drive with care! Allow yourself extra time and be safe.

I will check back as needed. Send in your pictures to and I will post them here on the blog! Thanks for keeping in touch with me through my blog and thanks for all the nice comments!

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