Friday, February 20, 2009

Some amounts have changed and the snow is getting closer

Hey I'M checking back once again with the latest. I know people are talking about amounts jumping up and right back down again. Well Just this afternoon I was calling for the 2" to 4" inch range for our area but after the latest maps have come in I'M starting to feel better with the 1" to 3" inch range. I have three out of four models that are showing this. One however is showing around an inch. For now we will keep 1" to 3" range. Yes blowing and drifting snow is still a threat at this time as the winds still stand at that 28 to 30 mph gust range for tomorrow. So even an inch at that matter can reduce visibility. So take your time and be safe.

The timing is still on target for later on after midnight. We will keep watching this closely to keep you with the latest..........

I will check back with more a little later.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin!, radars and maps are ticky at this point. If this clipper shifts a bit would be a lot of fun for snow lovers in Tipp Co! Still worried about a chance of mixed stuff at this time.


Justin said...

Yes, Teri, It really is but looking at the latest radar and map's Mike's expected amounts may be right! This system just does not look like it wants to come south enough! The Inch might just be more likely.

Anonymous said...

Justin, forgot to post, your poem was awesome!! I ran home from a big BB game forgot DD forgot something, now got to go back! Its rather nice out...back later.