Friday, February 20, 2009

I'M still keeping hope for at least 2" inches!

Well, the system is just not well rounded and currently looks as though it is going to stay to far to our north then what was expected earlier. But this is why we take things hour by hour and fine tune the forecast as we keep getting closer. So The line or band if you like of snow is starting to take shape. That will be the main part of our snow. I really feel the heaviest is going to stay to the north and we will be around that inch to maybe two inches at this point. Models have been all over but are now becoming more clear and also the fact that the system is getting closer that helps. I really want to point out that some of the models are calling for a possible three inches so I want you all to be aware of this! That there is that slight chance!

So Starting around 11:pm to midnight we will see the snow start in. There is that slight chance for some mixed but I don't think you will need to worry to much about it! It is as well a really slight chance!

Expect snowfall around 1" to maybe 2" inches. (With that really slight chance for three) 1" to 2" is more likely at this time.....

Still some blowing and drifting snow by tomorrow morning. Remember an inch of snow can drift to four or five inches.

Winds will still be gusting to near 30 mph tomorrow so be ready for that and allow extra time.

I will check back as needed. For now enjoy the B-Ball games!

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