Friday, February 6, 2009

We are enjoying partly cloudy skies today while looking at some Severe weather safety tips!

That's right we see a warm up coming for today and Saturday. As we see above there also is a chance for some light rain showers through much of Saturday. This warm does not come without a price. Light rain but still wet! Currently I'M looking for rainfall Less then a quarter inch which will start late tonight after 11:pm or so. But for today we can expect a few inches of Partly cloudy and nice mild temperatures around the mid to upper 40s! How does that sound?? ;) Winds between 10 and 15 mph. Saturday is when we could see some more gusty winds between 15 and 20 mph with a few gusts to 28 mph. I know winds have been reported all over the past few days!
Now with this temperature change I think it is a good time to talk a little about severe weather safety! This is because it is very possible to have severe weather this time of year even though it is not really Spring! Believe it or not I do see some Thunderstorms in the forecast for Late Monday night into Tuesday..... This is the first thunderstorm chance of the season so we will watch it closely! Just to be safe.....And I will have my Doppler radar ready and fired up! Some of the latest models are showing the stronger storms in Southern IL, and South west IN, This is what we will keep watching closely so keep it here for the latest as we get closer!!!! So here is a few Tornado safety tips just to keep all updated and ready for the stormy season to come.....Now I would like to make it clear that I'M posting these safety tips just so all will be ready for the stormy season later on! To many people get caught off guard and we don't want that..... Here is a few more Severe weather Tips I have posted below.

In high winds
It is best not to drive a trailer, van or other "high-profile" vehicle in high winds
If driving in high winds, use extra caution near trailers, vans or vehicles carrying lightweight cargo.

When it rains
Slow down. Roads usually prove more slippery than they would seem.
Turn on your lights. Use the defroster or air conditioner to keep windows and mirrors clear.

When it's foggy
Stay to the right of the roadway.
Turn on your headlights -- day or night -- to low beam.
If you can't see the road's edge, pull off on the right -- well out of the traffic lane -- and turn on the emergency flashers. Wait until visibility improves before you continue.

Here in Indiana we often have to deal with that nasty FOG so these tips should help us all.....

In a Hailstorm - Find shelter by driving under an overpass or bridge.

In severe thunderstorms - Listen to your car radio and be alert.

Alert is the key word in all the safety tips!! One thing I like a lot to help keep people updated and alert is the Weather radio. I know a lot of people last year did not have them and now do! Let me tell you it helps a lot! I have to say I feel a lot better knowing that it will wake me when a watch warning or advisory is issued. This is good because to many people are at a high risk at night! Which seems to be when most severe storms hit! People head off to bed and then don't know whats coming.....

Now We have seen the tips and feel better and ready! So let's get out there and enjoy the nice Partly cloudy skies! I will have to get out and toss the ball for my doggie he has got the tennis ball blues lol..... Maybe even get a few more beautiful sunset pictures like this one below.....If you get any or have any weather pictures feel free to send them to me at and I will be happy to post them here on the Indiana Weather Blog..... Thank you for reading.....Have a wonderful day! It will be a good day to go out and take walks or even a jog which I will have to get back to doing once we get in a nice warm mild pattern! lol....................Have a good one.


Anonymous said...

Justin! what a neat blog! why are you keeping your blog a secret?? This is great!


Anonymous said...

Justin, I had to share this with MA. via email:) And Mary Anne is right dont keep it a secret. is a great blog!


Justin said...

Thanks Teri and Mary anne!

I'M not trying to keep it a secret I just did not think it would be right to post it on Mikes weather blog. But you can feel free to pass it around if you want!

I did send it to all I know and my Aunt sent it to the people she works with! However they read and don't post! Which is still good! lol.....

Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

Well tell them to get on the ball and start posting:)

Anonymous said...

That is very polite and considerate of you, Justin! Makes me proud of you :-) What are you thinking on severe wx here in our area this next week??


Justin said...

Thanks Mary Anne,

About the Severe weather that is what I'M working on for tonighs blog post!

As of now things are looking like the best chance for stronger storms will be on Wednesday! Which is when we will be most unstabel! And for this time of year we will watch it very closely!!However we will have that chance for some thundershowers on Tuesday.

We may see rainfall around an inch to an inch and a half on Wednesday. This is another reason why I posted all the safety tips today. I wanted people to be ready for anything!

I will have more on this and also how close we really was to breaking a record high today!

Mary Anne I will do my best to keep your area in my forecast! ;)

Anonymous said...

Justin I got this site from a wx group I belong to. This guy is supposed to be very good. here is a link to the site: Nose around and check out his site.


Anonymous said...

Thanks, Justin! We get left out lots of times being on the fringe of the forecast area. Mike does stay in touch though when the wx is really bad. He likes my eyes telling him what is going on here at my hometown.


Justin said...

Thanks Mary Anne for the link!

I now have it in my favorites!! It will help a LOT!