Saturday, February 7, 2009

Yesterday was a great day for Soaking up the sun!

That's right Soaking up the sun is what a lot of not only people was doing but the doggies! This is my Mom's Pug Jersey above enjoying yesterday. Now we know it was nice and warm if she was out! If only you knew Jersey then you would understand what I'M talking about! She will sit out there for hours and hours! So this was a good sign that it was a great day! We had lots of sunshine and there where people talking on Mikes blog about sitting out on the porch in the morning drinking there coffee and just letting that beautiful sun hit there face! It was a nice and warm sun however the melting snow made a lot of muddy wet messes! I know this because of my dog! He is so cute and I love him however he can be Dumb sometimes! :-) lol..... He was out running around the yard and got hot and worked up and what do you know he walks over to a nice deep puddle and (lays right down!) Yuck! lol..... I had to dry him with a towel before he got back in the house! Real smart dog! lol I love that little guy! :) Now back to weather! Take a look below at how close we was to breaking that record high which was set back in 1965.Now looking at the high we had Yesterday above you see we was right on with the record high! However this is the high for Lafayette! Now I'M sure some areas may have passed the record but here where I'M at which is where I took the temperature we stayed right with it! Still this was a really nice temperature. I was out walking around in a T-shirt. And when we see that average high for this time of year is only 36* degrees we was a good 13* degrees above average! Not to bad! ;)

Now we all looked at the severe weather safety tips on yesterdays post and now we will talk about what's to come!

Today we are looking for some light rain in the morning and a chance in the afternoon then we should start to clear up a bit in the late afternoon to the evening! Yes Mary Anne this is for you to! :-) The good thing is anything that does fall will be rather light with the maps and models only showing rain amounts staying around that .10" Inch mark. This is good news for we don't want any heavy rainfall with all this snow melting! Or we can call it the BIG MELT DOWN! As seen below! Also we may have to deal with a few more gusty winds today between 10 and 15 mph with a few gusts to 28 mph at times!Now I still think our better chance for seeing any stronger storms would be on late Tuesday into Wednesday because Wednesday is when we will be most unstable. I will keep watching this closely and keep you posted. Also on Tuesday into mainly Wednesday we could very well see rainfall with the thunderstorms around 1.00" to 1.50" inches this is another thing we will have to watch. We could see a few lighter Thundershowers on Tuesday early morning but currently it is not looking to bad. The reason for watching this possible stronger system on Wednesday is it is the first Thunderstorm system of this season. And I really want everybody to be ready! We all remember the rotation we seen on Doppler radar last December! Which some of us was not ready for! But that gave us all a little reminder that severe weather can happen anywhere at anytime! I have that rotation on my radar image posted below so you all can see what I seen that day! It was a wild night and I seen you all on Mikes Weather Blog and I can tell you I was VERY GLAD to know that everybody was ok and that rotation did not touch down! All I can say was someone was looking out for all of us that night!

But on a Brighter note we my see a few peaks of sunshine later on today. However do take your time on the roads this morning for even a little light rain can make the roadways slick! Have a good day and Thank you all for reading....................


Anonymous said...

Justin, my dogs are having crazy fun in this weather, and as you have seen they are big dogs. They have been running around the yard, only to come in covered with mud..tyton will wait at the door for me to wipe his feet, Sassy just darts in the house.



Justin said...

That is to funny Teri! That's what I thought Dobby was going to do! You have seen him he is my Rat Terrier! A little Nut if you ask me! lol..... Just a joke! :-)