Friday, February 27, 2009

We Had High Wind Gusts And Heavy Rainfall And now Cooler Temperatures Are On The Way???? Winter Is Not Over!

We have had lightning all over the area and light thunder. More like a nice Spring storm nothing bad or severe which is the good kind of storm in my book! We do have heavy rains as the heavy bands pushed through the area. I will post some final rainfall amounts from around the area a little later on tonight as well as wind gusts! First take a look at this Lightning tracker map as you can see all the strikes here in Indiana.Here in Lafayette we really started seeing the lightning and thunder around 12:04AM. No it was not bad and things calmed down rather fast but it was a few good rumbles. IL, did see a few high wind gusts to 40 43 and 45 mph..... Good news is there was no damage reported with that..... I will post more high wind gusts here tonight. Now we will still see a few gusty winds in the early morning however most of the real GUSTY winds should be out of here by 3:am. Still we could see gusts to 25 "maybe" 30 mph and that will lessen as the day goes on..... We will feel a little cooler not only today but for the the next few day! That's right it is still winter and mother nature will not be rushed! ;o) We will be in the 30s as highs and lows in the 20s and at least two nights look in the upper teens to low 20s.....And to make it even better there is a slight chance for a few light snow flurries on Saturday!

Snow lovers don't get to ready I'M only calling for a few flurries nothing that we can get out and have fun in! ;0/ lol..... All the warm weather lovers are liking that! ;o) But if anything it will be a little reminder that winter is not over just yet! And this is the time of year when we go up and down for a Little while trying to come from winter to spring. But other then temperatures the week is looking rather good!

Here is a quick look at your 5-Day Forecast I put together here before I head off to bed.....So be ready for a little Breezy start to your day today and as you see after Saturday the next 3 days look great! No not 50s or 60s like most of us want but we are getting there steep by steep..... Baby steeps that is! :o) I will have more on our windy storm we had an\along with like I said Rainfall amounts and Wind gusts. For now I really need to get some sleep and I will see you here tonight! Till then have a GREAT and safe day....................

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