Saturday, February 28, 2009

It Was Windy And Wet To End February. And We Start March With Cool Temperatures!

Take a look at those wind gusts from around areas last Thursday! You can see Danville IL, coming in with at least a wind gust to 43MPH. Lafayette IN, not much behind with 40 MPH.....Remington even had a peak gust to 31 mph..... High winds all around! And we sure knew we was going to see them when we looked at observations in IL, and seen they was having gusts to 40 mph. But Gusty winds was not the only thing we seen a lot of! That's right we also had the heavy bursts of rainfall at times. Here is a few quick reports from our Spring storm.
Rensselaer, you see comes in with the highest amount around our area followed by Lafayette, and Logansport. And the lowest around Kentland, and Remington, area. Not to forget we had our big temperature drop!! I had a temperature that fell from 55* degrees that night around midnight all the way to 33* degrees by early morning as that cold front pushed through! Well, dumb me lol... Forgot and left my window open and woke up freezing! :o/ LOL! Took me all day to get warm again..........

Well, On to the rest of our week!

Today we will look mostly cloudy with a chance for a few more light snow flurries. Nothing much nor to add to anything but snowflakes non the less. Yes winter is not over just yet as we can tell with more cold temperatures here for a little while! We will see highs in the 30s with a few nights in the teens! I hope you did not put away your coats just yet! Wind chills will make us feel in the single digits at night near zero by Sunday night. We was seeing 50s as our high just this past week????? Indiana weather for you! Ya got to love it.....

This is that time of year and we will be going up and down for a little while! That's right I said UP. I do see us getting warm again here before long so warm weather lovers don't be sad! ;) I think we will start to slowly warm again by Thursday. I think for most people it is like "Summers coming to fast Winters staying to long" Most in my family are ready for Spring however we to have a few that are really enjoying this cooler weather for the next few days. I love the cold weather which is GREAT because I live in Indiana LOL.. I like to say "If you live in Indiana you have to be ready for all kinds of weather" How true that is!

Well, This month of February, is coming to a end with March being tomorrow and I think we should take a look back at where our average rainfall should be for this month! On average we should only have around 2.2" inches of rain this month.....However we have passed that by a good 1.20" to 1.30" as our final rainfall total for the month of February is right around 3.45" inches. Or at least real close to that mark! This has been a WET month! Now we can get ready for the month of March to start and remember spring is just around the corner. Remembering this is what will help get you through the few cold days ahead in our forecast! :o)

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