Thursday, February 12, 2009

What a wild WINDY Wednesday it was!

You see above we did not start out with the high winds and damage! We really seen a few quick burst of blue sky! It did not last long before we got right to the messy stuff! And I know of some who thought it was over! Well not so much! And we will see why! This was a storm like no other that I have ever seen before as it had a counter clockwise flow with it which is (not uncommon as storms often have this for they are a low pressure system) but the way it really looked like a Hurricane! If you had a radar then you know what I'M talking about! This was a strong Low pressure and you could pick it out with ease!

We had a lot of storm reports or should I say High wind reports! Most of which was Trees falling and doing damage to homes. And Roof damage with the wind ripping off Shingles. This was all over all night last night and the reports just kept coming in!

Flooding was a BIG threat for all who was around the rivers and creeks. But also we seen a lot of low land flooding. I myself had at least two inches of standing water in my backyard and as we see in this picture below sent in by my Aunt Carrie or as I call her Bomber in Monroe, she also had a lot of standing water.You can see I have the arrow pointing to the area of standing water. She said on the other side of her truck you could not see the tires as they where under water. And she is not by any rivers or creeks if that tells you just how much rain we really seen. Below you will see the final total rainfall amount I have here in Lafayette.Big Big amounts all around the areas and I will try to post more rainfall totals form around the area here a little later on. Another thing is there was a lot of people who lost power I being one of them. It was tricky as my friend in Fountain County had power one minute then the next it was out then she had it then it was out! Well you get the idea. I was lucky and only lost power once. Others are still without power as with all the blowing wind last night it makes it hard on the power workers to fix the problem. There was a lot of people reporting power boxes exploding on their way's home as well and trash cans blowing down neighborhood roads. If you are like me I had other peoples trash blowing up to my door step! But what can you do? I can't control the weather ;)

Now today we will still have a few gusty winds but nothing like what we seen Yesterday! Today winds will only be between 15 and 20 mph with gusts to 25 mph. We can handle that right?? :-) Today will be a good day to start our clean up. With Partly cloudy skies and highs around 48* degrees.

Now we will go from this wild WINDY Day to the start of another slight cool down. Starting Tomorrow / Friday we will start to cool off a bit and we also will see another snow chance for Saturday. What a way to go from Spring to Winter again! A quick change!!! Saturday will not be a big snow but still enough to have a little fun tracking. I'M looking for snowfall currently to be between 2" to 4" inches and we can time it out and fine tune the amounts and timing as we get a little closer.

For now I have not been to bed but for maybe 45 minutes since all this rain and stormy stuff started so I'M running on Low! I'M going to try to get some sleep! Have a great day and I had fun Blogging with you all. Thank you for taking the time to read my / YOUR weather Blog.....

Send any weather pictures to me at and I will post them on the Blog. Have a good day and have fun scooping out you Partly cloudy today! :-D

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