Friday, February 13, 2009

Still looking at the damage from the last Windy Wednesday storm we had!

People are still getting over the mess we had the other day and we did see a few gusty winds yesterday but it was nothing like what we seen last Wednesday! We did see a few gusts peak at 33mph. So breezy but not really bad. We also did reach our forecasted high yesterday of 48* degrees! I'M happy about that! ;D as you can tell! This is because not always do we hit the temperature on the nose as it can be hard to forecast for there is a lot of things that can effect the temperature! Like Wind, cloud cover, how much sun we will see and this also goes for night time as well. But we hit it on the nose today!

Now we was talking about all the gusty winds yesterday and the flooding which there is still some flood warnings and watches out for much of the WLFI viewing areas! But there was a Tornado in Indiana which I feel was to close to home. Why?? Well take a look at a message from the NWS posted below and you will see how close to home it was.

A National Weather Service survey team has determined that a small tornado touched down on Wednesday February 11 near 3:40 PM. The tornado touched down in Delaware county...near county roads 300 East and 550 South...which is about 5 miles southeast of Muncie...near the town of Medford.The tornado was rated an EF-1 with approximately 100 mph winds. The tornado was approximately 100 feet wide and was on the ground for about two tenths of a mile.This tornado dislodged a barn roof and damaged the roof of a single family home across the street.This tornado is the first tornado of the year in Central Indiana.

This is what we missed out on and I'M thankful we was really lucky and this goes to show how lucky we was! Here is a few pictures thanks to the NWS of the tornado damage.
This really says it all! We where very lucky and it could have been a lot worse! This right here makes our 63 mph winds look like nothing! I'M very glad the gusty winds are all we see and that we missed out on this severe weather! People that have to go through this is just very sad. Our hearts go out to them and hope for a fast recovery!

Now there is a lot who would like to know what they can expect for this weekend! Saturday is more like it..... Well here it is.

I'm calling for snow showers but not anything to get all hyped up over. Yes it is enough to cause problems on road ways but not a blizzard. I'M currently looking for snowfall to be around and inch so I will put Lafayette and areas around in the Half inch to an inch range with slightly higher amounts the more north you go and even less the more south you go! Here is a quick map I put together to show below.This is for now and I will keep you updated on this as we keep getting closer! Now here is the timing. I think we can look for the snow to start falling by as soon as tonight! That's right closer to 2:am this morning. Turning to snow flurries by Noon time. So as you head to work in the morning on Saturday keep it slow and safe. Even an inch can make trouble. So allow yourself extra time to get where you need to go. Just more Indiana weather to deal with but I love it here. Good place or should I say BEST place to track weather and Great people. Now today will not be a bad day and we can look for Partly cloudy skies and a mild temperature around 46* degrees like Yesterday was only this time without the gusty winds. They will be much lighter between 5 and 10 mph. Here is your 5-Day forecast I have posted below.This to me looks like a nice week ahead. As you see no storms in the 5Day! This will give all us Weather Bloggers a little break! Or another name would be Blogcasters ;) We should enjoy this week for we will see more systems to track in the coming week. We will talk more about this a little later but for now have another great day and I thank you all for reading!

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