Friday, March 13, 2009

All Eye's Are Still Watching The Rivers As Snow Is Falling To Our South!

All eyes are still on the rivers today watching them closely! Yes, people did heed the warnings and that is a really GOOD sign! A lot of homes where flooded out with around two feet and more of water and reports are still coming in! However the good news is we will keep falling this week with dry weather in the forecast! Below is where the rivers stand as I type and where we are expected to be Friday around 8:pm.Yes, this is good news. Slowly falling but still falling non the less. The Wabash crested on Thursday 11:00am at 21.85ft. But again the good news is the DRY weather I'M looking at for the next few days! Currently we have a real slight chance for a little light rain on Sunday however two out of three models are showing this staying to our south. Even if we did see any it would be really light. And at this time I think we will stay mostly dry! Otherwise we are looking great rain wise as I'M not looking for our next good chance of rain until closer to next weekend......... I will keep watching this and keep you posted as well.
Now how about the Outlook for today? It is looking a little cool but still NICE! We will see a high pressure system move into our area today bringing us partly Cloudy to mostly sunny skies with highs in the low 40s around 41* degrees. Winds however will be nice and calm between 5 and 10 mph in the morning and as we head into the afternoon winds will slow even more to around 3 and 5 mph. We will be happy with the weather we will see today as just to our south they have been seeing the SNOW!

Here is a look at the Satellite Image and you can see above I have circled just where the snow is falling. That's right KY, was seeing the winter weather advisories and is expecting to see around 2 to 4 Inches of snow when this system pushes out! This just goes to show you how cold we fell these past few days. Cold enough to have snowfall stick in KY. So I think we will be really enjoying our nicer weather today just knowing this could have been us in the snowfall once again! Just a little something to think about as you sip you coffee this morning! LOL.....Have a GREAT day!

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