Saturday, March 14, 2009

A Quick Look Back At Our Flood As Dry Weather Is In Our Forecast

Well, it seems everybody love the weather we seen yesterday! Good weather all around the Midwest that is! And I even got a chance yesterday to get out and talk with some of our long lost neighbors! Yes, we all have been stuck in the house waiting for this cold weather to pass.....Well, I think we can say the warm is back for at least a little while that is! Today we are looking for highs in the low 50s and Partly cloudy skies with a few more clouds moving in tonight. But we should see another GREAT day! The whole Midwest has seen good weather the past few days and this is because we have had all this high pressure over our area.
This map above shows how clear we have been as you see the big mess of clouds and or that is Rain down around in the Mississippi, areas. Yes they now have the Flood watches out around Mississippi, as they could see rainfall around 2" to 4" Inches. We all here in Indiana know what that's like! However the GREAT news is I'M not seeing any rain in the forecast until closer to Wednesday as currently some of the models are showing a chance for some rain possible. As you already know I will watch this and keep you posted as well. ;) Also this week is looking good temperature wise as well. I see us slightly above average this week with temperatures in the 50s to mid to upper 60s range! How does that sound? And I do believe that St, Patrick's Day is coming up! So how about a sneak peak at you St, Patrick's Day forecast?Yes, Tuesday is looking rather good at this time with the Partly to Mostly cloudy skies and look at the highs! In the Middle 60s! Yes, I like the looks of this week and I'M sure you do to! And this is even better news for the rivers as well. A dry week is just what we need. Currently the Wabash is at 19.56ft and good news is it is expected to be at around 17.3ft by Sunday 8:am. The Okadale Dam is at around 18.103 kcfs and Flood flow is 13 kcfs. SO with this dry week we will keep seeing the rivers fall and hopefully everybody will be able to start repair and get back to there homes real soon! I did find a few picture of the flooded areas I wanted to show you below. You can just see how bad it really was. No not as bad a past floods but this flood is still up there!This is 225 where it is flooded by the one lane bridge and stair road.

Water flows out of the Okadale Dam Wednesday March 11th near Delphi.

1200 West just south of the Okadale Dam.

Good news once again we are falling and this is great for all the people who had to leave do to this Major water.....Again I hope they get back home real soon and get things back in order.....It is the weekend so HAPPY SATURDAY EVERYBODY! The weather looks great so I'M going to get out and enjoy this weekend! I want you all to do the same! ;) Have a great weekend and I will check up with you all here again real soon.....Make it a great one and get out and see your long lost neighbors! :o)

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Wow thanks for sharing Justin. Awesome photos. BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Off to watch a scary movie;)