Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A Beautiful St. Patrick's Day It Was. Now What Does Nature Have For Us?

Take a look above at that high we seen yesterday for our St. Patrick's Day Cookout. Yes, I made the Hot dogs and Hamburgers you see above for my Family and everybody seemed to love them. Just a good old cookout and this was the best weather to do so in. You see that high of 74* degrees Lafayette seen and not a cloud in sight other then a few contrail clouds from the high flying Jets. I even got some extra time to get out and talk with some of our neighbors and my neighbor is so sweet. I was out in the yard and she came walking down with some cupcakes in her hand. She yelled for me to come over and gave us some St. Patrick's Day goodies. She is in her 80s and we always watch out for her like she is our family! She is a good lady and one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. We both watch out for one another and I think that is just great! Well, all us Bloggers and weather watchers where not the only ones enjoying the wonderful weather out their yesterday! That's right all the dogs wanted to get out and run around. After words they where pooped. Take a look below.Yes, that is my sisters Chihuahua Willie. He is a HAM in front of the camera as you can tell lol. He was out all day yesterday just loving that warm fresh air and came in still pumped up and playful. He is a doll! If only you seen him in person you would know what I'M talking about lol. This little guy has a BIG personality and is just like a little kid! Just looking at that picture tells you he is a handful! lol.

Well, after that nice weather we seen this past week what does nature have to give us today? Well, I have your answer and it is rain!

Yes, we are looking for rain on the radars after tracking all that Partly cloudy last week! I do think we will start the day out rather dry until we start to get into the afternoon after 2:pm closer to 3:pm the rain will then start to move in. Currently I like rainfall around a Quarter inch. Still we will watch the rainfall closely as the rivers are currently at 15.31ft which is still a good 4ft above flood stage. Now currently we are not expected to rise much at all but if we see the rainfall reach the half inch to three quarters of an inch then we will see the rivers start to rise slightly. But again I still currently think we will see rainfall closer to that quarter inch mark. This will be better news for the rivers. The ground already is wet enough so don't get me wrong but a quarter inch is better then three quarters of an inch right? ;) Another thing is I think we will miss out on the stronger storms this time around as I look for them to stay to our south. Closer to Indianapolis and south of I70. Now I still would not rule out a few rumbles today but nothing severe!And we will start to fall in temperatures slightly again after this cold front pushes through our area today as you see in the map I have put together above. Yes we will fall to some temperatures in the mid 40s as a high only to start warming once again by this weekend. It is that time of year again where we go up and down. I do know one thing is for sure! The 70s we seen yesterday really felt like a mini heat wave in the 80s! Maybe this was just me lol. I did enjoy it and I'M loving this nice weather.

Well, all have your rain gauges up and ready to go today and be sure to post your rainfall totals. And if you have any pictures be sure to send them in! Weather pictures are always good ;) Have a great day and I will catch you later with an update if needed! Now I need to get some rest have a good one....................
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