Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Rain Is Getting Closer

The rain is getting closer as i type but the good news is it is looking like a hit and miss shower more like scattered showers through out this evening! Take a look at our local radar below you can see the rain showers are getting closer as they are currently in the Remington, area of Jasper County.There is a little more rain on the north west side of this line however the good news is we will not see anything severe and just some light to Moderate rain showers. Here is the look at the Satellite Radar image below.
So we will be a little wet as we keep heading into this evening as the clouds are starting to move in as seen above! Also by the looks of things I think keeping the expected rainfall around that quarter inch mark is best at this time which is more good news for our area rivers! I'm picking up a few lightning strikes but they are few and far between. Still with that said I would now rule out maybe a rumble or two but nothing more at this time. Keep dry and I will pop in if needed. Be sure to send in pictures if you can and also rainfall totals! I will see you soon..........

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