Tuesday, March 31, 2009

From Snow To Sunny And Now Rain Again! A Wet Pattern Is Winding Up

Take a look at that beautiful sky we seen yesterday! Yes, the sky was just full of these beautiful Contrail clouds and you can see they made a nice cross in the sky. This was a blessed day and a beautiful one that is for sure. We have seen such wild weather the past few days. I was out walking to the neighbors house today to help them get some stuff done along with my sister in the clear big blue skies with temperatures around 57.9* degrees with a calm breeze and she started talking about our wild weather. Well I think so has a point about our weather! She reminded me that just a day ago we was seeing a low around 28* degrees and snow!!!!! Then a day later sunny skies and mild!?!?!?!?! What the????? lol Yes we have quick changing weather here in Indiana and I tolled her in Indiana we can see just about every season in just one day. And I think that is true don't you? lol Here is a look at just how much snow really stuck to the ground the other day. Take a look below.Yes the few little (Small) lol flakes is just about all the stayed on the ground nd not long at all I might add. No we did not need to get the shovels out which was good news even though I LOVE snow it is spring and we should get ready for the warm weather! I was talking with a lot of people yesterday and they all agree that it was odd going from the 60s to snow showers again. Well, we do have more weather on the way for as soon as Today!

Now believe me when I say we have a lot of weather coming here today and the rest of this week! We are going to be tracking us some more Wild Indiana Weather this week and Wet weather it is! Take a look at this map I have put together for you all here below showing the outlook for today.This is what we will be seeing today. Yes, another cold front will push through and will take our temperatures down from a high of 64* degrees today to tomorrows high of only 56* degrees. Good news is it won't be a major cool down to the 20s! I know you all will be happy about that. We are tracking Three storms this week with what seems to be rain in the forecast every other day! We will see the rain today with tomorrow looking Partly cloudy only to see rain back by Thursday night into Friday early morning. Then sunny again by Saturday and you guessed it! More rain on Sunday! Could this get more wild? Let's hope not! We are above average precipitation already and will be for a while. With storm after storm coming will the rivers be OK? Well, I think they will for now however we will still have to watch them closely. The Wabash is currently around 8.17ft and is not expected to hit flood stage which is at 11ft but still crest near flood stage close to 9ft so we will watch this closely as more heavy rainfall will be here later on this week. Now lets break this down on what we can expect for this afternoon..........

Rain is expected to start this afternoon. this is looking like a mostly rain and wind event but we will not rule out a possible rumble or two at times. Good news is I see nothing severe!!

Winds will be between 20 and 25 with a few gusts to 28 mph (Maybe) a peak at 30 mph as the front passes.

Main Threats will be Rainfall between a Quarter Inch to a Half Inch possible. And a few Gusty winds.

You know I will keep you posted if anything is to change! For now I'M going to go get something to drink and maybe even a small snack lol I will see you all here today so keep your reports coming you know I love to hear what you all have to say! :)

Have a GREAT day!


Anonymous said...

Just a few showers in West Lafayette as of now. Not much though. Are we looking at a more steady rain soon?

Brow said...

Was hoping to have some sunshine for my daughter's birthday but it looks like 'ol dad will be cooking out in the rain! :)

Justin said...

We will just be seeing this light to moderate rain through out much of the day today.

Brow A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your Daughter!!!!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Just starting to rain where I am located. Actually was a pleasent day, A warm 52.6*.

Brow, I know what you mean about your DD birthday party. My daughters B-day was on Sat. was not good weather for the cookout we had planned.

Happy Birthday to her.

Justin, awesome pic of the sky,;)

Teri in Laf