Monday, March 23, 2009

Nature Gave Us A Nice Weekend And We Still Have Rain In The Forecast!

Well, we have some fun weather to track coming our way here real soon! Yes, we will start to see rain again by late Tuesday night into early Wednesday! I look for today to be Partly cloudy to mostly sunny and tomorrow / Tuesday to be Partly to Mostly cloudy with the rain showers moving in after Midnight closer to 1:am. Now currently I'M not seeing anything severe for our area as currently the CAPE values are low as well as the EHI, Helicity, and Lifted Index. however I will not rule out a few rumbles in the showers. So Thundershowers are possible. For now I look for heavy rain and maybe some gusty winds to be a main threat. And you should know that right now flooding is not currently a threat! This is great news. However some models are showing winds gusting to 35 to 40 mph on Wednesday morning in the rain showers. Now wind models often change so I will keep watching this for you all and I will keep you posted on this!

Now how was your weekend?? I had a GREAT one with lots of family time! There is nothing better then spending time with my family. We did get some yard work done yesterday by putting down some straw and grass seed. And after all the work was done we went out and had a little fire in the fire pit. You can see how beautiful it is below.
We did not roast any hotdogs this time but we did have a very nice cookout. So far I have done all the cooking out this year and I wonder how does this happen?? Maybe we should start flipping a coin or something? LOL. No I don't mind the cooking however the cook is the last to eat! ;) Also I had a good run yesterday morning with three miles in under 20 minutes!! That has got to be the fastest I have gone yet! Now I think I will take it a little slower this morning lol. But it is fun and I can THANK Mike Prangly for getting me into Running!
Thanks Mike.......... It is one of the best things one can get into. It is a nice challenge for yourself and you really want to make that next mile! And when you get their you feel great about yourself. I never liked jogging until Mike posted about the Zoo Run Run on his Blog last year and ever since then I love it! I so wish Mike would be around for the Zoo Run Run because that would have been GREAT TO RUN ALONG SIDE HIM!

So you see I had a great weekend and I would love to hear how your went so feel free to post about it! Another great ending to our weekend was the nice sunset. Take a look.No it was not a bright orange or red but more of a soft milk to egg shell color. Soft and relaxing! What more can I say nature really gave us a BEAUTIFUL weekend. Thank you nature!!

Now how about the Quick Cast Forecast for the next Three days? Here you go. I will catch up with you all again here real soon and you know you can find me here through the rain to come :) Have another great day.

Today. We can expect Partly cloudy to Mostly sunny skies which will be another good day from nature before we start to see rain move in again. Look for highs around 68* degrees and a low in the upper 40s around 46* degrees. Winds will be slightly BREEZY between 10 and 20 mph with a few gusts possible to 25 to 30 mph at times.

Tuesday. We will see Partly to Mostly cloudy skies with off and on sun. Highs in the low 70s with a high around 70* degrees and lows in the upper 40s around 48* degrees. Another breezy day with winds between 10 and 20 mph with a few gusts to 30 mph possible.

Wednesday. Rain and or Thundershowers are again possible through out the day. We will see the rain move in late night Tuesday into Wednesday after midnight closer to 1:am. Rain showers and windy will be the main threats. Currently not expecting any flooding which is good news. However rainfall I look to be between a half inch to three quarters of an inch possible. And winds gusting around 35 to maybe even 40 mph at times. I will watch this closely and keep you posted as it gets closer. Currently not looking for severe weather as CAPE values are low as well as EHI, Helicity, and the Lifted Index.


Brow said...

Wow, check out that spin over in Nebraska. Think we will get anything severe this week?

Justin said...

Yes, there is a lot of spin and that is right where the low pressure is in Nebraska. They are looking for the severe thunderstorms and I would not even rule out possible tornadoes in there area.

However for us back here at home I have checked out the maps once again and I still see the CAPE Value low as well as the Lifted Index. I will not count out a few possible thundershowers and or rumbles but as for now nothing severe. Still I will watch this and have another update coming your way here later on tongiht!

Main things will be gusty winds and some heavy rainfall at times.

Anonymous said...

Sitting by the fire pit looks nice Justin. Be carful if you do again this eve, Is windy! I see high winds on the way dang.