Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Windy Day Today And A Wet Thundershower Tonight..........

Yes, above is the outlook for Wednesday morning. This is the picture we all will be seeing and the next system to track! I think we will stay dry for today until we start to head into late late tonight after Midnight. This is when we will see the real rain start to move in. Now I have been watching the maps closely the past few days and I can say up to this point that I think we will miss out on the severe weather. This is great news as our CAPE values, and Lifted Index, look low and rather stable. Now I will say we could hear a few rumbles and the heavy rain at times along with gusty winds but as for severe we look to luck out!! Now I know you all will want to know about the rainfall amounts and as of now I think we will keep it under an inch. Yes, I think we could see rainfall between a Half inch to Three quarter inch possible. So for this round I think we won't have to worry to much about flooding! But the gusty winds are another story!! Take a look below to see what I'M talking about.Yes, we will be looking at winds outside of the rain and or thundershowers between 30 and 35 mph but as we go into the storms we will see the winds start to pick up gusting to around 45 mph! Hold on to your hats!!!!! It is going to be a windy ride. After looking at some of the longer range maps this is the start of our wild March pattern. However we really should not be complaining to much about the weather as they are seeing a blizzard in the SD, and Nebraska, areas. And severe just to the East of that! Yes this is the system heading our way but from looking at the latest maps we should see this start to weaken. And as of now even the National Weather Service has the Slight risk for severe weather staying to our West in IL, Yes, this is close to home so we will watch this closely but I still feel we will miss out on the severe weather. Will we watch it closely to be safe?? (YES) I mean this is Indiana. ;) For now I feel the gusty winds and rain will be the main threats.

And after tonight our next system to track will be this weekend! However we will talk more about that as it gets closer. For now this is the calm before the wild weather pattern. Now this is really something above! You can see over the Nebraska, area the nice clear spot. Well, this is the Low pressure system. It is so strong and it has a nice spin to it like an on land like Hurricane. Just getting this view is really something And the Satellite is a really nice tool to have because you can pick up so many cool things such as the strong Low pressure systems like you see above. And in the winter on a clear day you can pick up the snow pack over your area and so much more. So as we can see this is the system moving our way however again we will See it start to weaken. I will be on here and ready to go with another update on what we all can expect tonight into Wednesday here later on today. So be sure to check back real soon for the update! Until then Have a good day and be glad that we are not calling for a blizzard! :o)

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Brow said...

Hate to say it, but I could almost go for one more snow storm.

(looks around to see if anyone is giving me the evil-eye)

Just watching the news last night and seeing that blizzard kind of made me jealous. lol.