Monday, March 9, 2009

Reports still coming in and more thundershowers are on the way!

Well, Take a look at this! Like I said last night we was lucky as it could have been a lot worse..........

Damage Survey Results!

The National Weather had completed its damage survey in Lawerence County and is moving on to survey Martin, Daviess, and Knox Counties. Results from Lawrence County:

EF3 tornado in Fayetteville. Length two miles, width 1/8 mile. Latitude/Longitude midpoint track: 38.85075 86.59879

EF0 tornado 2 miles north of Bedford. Length 1/5 mile, width 50 yards. Lattitude/Longitude midpoint track 38.88341 86.48446.

Together these tornadoes destroyed 3 homes and damaged 19 homes in Lawrence County.

Well, we have more thunderstorms on the way with rain starting as soon as tonight! a few storms may be severe at times. I think we can look for rain to start later on after midnight closer to 2:am Tuesday morning. After looking over a LOT of different weather models today I think we will see the best chance for thunderstorms later on Tuesday evening to that night. As of now somewhere between 11:pm and 2:am.....Timing may change so I will have ANOTHER update coming your way again this evening! So do check back..........

Now here is what I think will be the main threats on Tuesday into Tuesday night.....

Gusty winds once again however this time maybe not as high! Expecting gusts to around 40 mph maybe 45 mph in storms.

Heavy Rainfall and possible flooding being a mine threat! We are looking for rainfall after all is said and done close to that two and a half inch mark maybe close to three inches in areas! The rivers don't need this as they are already at Minor flood stage at 18.2ft. Currently we are expecting to hit around 21ft by Thursday! If you live by the rivers be ready for anything.....And this means more low land flooding as well, I had much standing water in my lawn as you seen in the last post yesterday. The ground is so saturated right now that yes, trees have been reported down. When the ground gets like this and we seen those winds like yesterday trees are much more likely to fall do to winds. The good news is as of now I think we will keep winds under the 60 mph mark like Lafayette seen yesterday! We had our peak gust to 59 Mph! What a storm it was!

And some small Hail is also possible with the storms. I will keep watching things closely and I will keep you posted.

Look for another update here later on this evening....................

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