Monday, March 9, 2009

Quick Cast Update..........

OK here is the Update!

We are in that slight risk for severe weather for tomorrow! I still think the worst will be in south IL, and in MO, but we will still see some severe weather here as well so don't let your guard down. Here is the break down.

Starting here soon we will see some light rain move in. Tonight after midnight around 3:am we will see the heavier rain move in! Also we will wake up in the morning to some possible thundershowers. Currently not severe. However we will keep watching this to be safe! Otherwise we will be seeing some rain / thundershowers through out much of the day. The worst will come later on Tuesday night between 11:pm and 2:am. We can expect to see some possible small Hail. High gusty winds to 45 near 50 mph is possible! along with one of our main threats being possible Flooding! This is because I'M looking for our rainfall to be around an inch and a half pushing near three inches when all is said and done. This is for the Remington, area as well. Rivers do not need this much rain for the ground has already had enough!

SO some heavy rain moving in tonight around 3:am.........Thunderstorms in the morning as most will be waking up! Maybe some good booms but currently not severe..........And the strongest with the High gusty winds, Small Hail, And possible flooding, Coming later on Tuesday night between 11:pm and 2:am..... I will have another update if needed tonight! And you can bet to see updates through out the day tomorrow! We will stay on top of this system..........I look forward to your reports and pictures! You can send your pictures to me at It is going to be a long day tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Justin! Looks like rain is just starting to cross the state line. There is at least one road closing in W Laf, so far. That would be 43 N. near Wabash Valley Hospital..

I bet I will be driving to work in rain tomorrow:(