Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Has Hit The Hoosiers And It's Bringing Some Storms Along With It

Take a look at those High wind gusts from around the area yesterday! 46 Mph in Indianapolis and the lowest in Remington, With 30 mph as a peak wind gust! WINDY WINDY WINDY..... I was talking with a few friends yesterday and things where blowing all over the place..... Trash cans, Tarps, and even Door mats! I found my neighbors door mat in my yard and YES! I did return it! LOL!!!!! The wind did not stop me from grilling out! I know I know I'M crazy! But I just could not pass up the warm temperatures we seen. I had a high here in Lafayette of 66.2* degrees! WOW This is right around 22* degrees above average as this time of year our average high is around 44* degrees. It was really a nice day if you could get passed the gusty winds that is!

Also it turned out to be a great day for my doggies Birthday! I'll talk more about that here in just a minute! But first let's talk about what wild Indiana weather we have coming this week! Well, I'M looking at WARM temperatures today! In the upper 60s to low 70s! That's right I did say low 70s! I think I'M the only one calling for this high of 70* degrees but I think if we see enough sun we can reach that goal! And I think we will see a good amount of sun today! Yes there is the slight chance for a little sprinkle but I think that would be Late Late Afternoon or Late evening! I think we will be OK!

Saturday is looking mostly Dry with again that real "slight" chance for a stray Sprinkle but that is slim at this time! Most of the real rainy stuff will hold off until that night into Sunday where we could see some Thunderstorms possible! But Saturday is looking rather good at this time.....

OK Here is what I have been working on tonight! SUNDAY STORMS!

Currently it looks like we could see a high of around 56* degrees along with the rain and maybe a few light rumbles starting late late night of Saturday! As we head into Sunday morning we will see heavier bands of rain and maybe even a possible strong storm or two! We will keep watching this and YOU KNOW I will keep you posted! Rainfall looks like Lafayette, could see rainfall between a Half inch to a possible Three quarters of an inch. This expected rainfall is for our friends in the Remington, area as well. Yes things will change as we get closer and I will fine tune this forecast as we get closer along with another update tonight on what we can expect! I will do my best to stay on top of everything.......... I Will be able to give more detail on what we can really Look for in storms and all that good stuff as we once again get closer.....Look at that 5 Day forecast map! If you like warm weather then that is a BEAUTIFUL map! Storms aside LOL..... I know after yesterday! I'M looking forward to Spring weather but Summer 90s?? I'll stick with the cool 60s and 70s for now! LOL :o)

Now about Dobby's B-Day..........
Well, Above is the home made Doggie cookies we had for the dogs and Yes they where all Dog Healthy ingredients! Only the best for our Babies! ;o) They loved them. Let me point out they did not eat them all, As much as they wanted to LOL, They each only had one! And I don't know a dog out their that will turn down a good dog cookie! ;o)
It's a good thing it was a nice day yesterday! Because after cookies we went out and played a little Ball! Dobby's fav thing to do! I think I was pooped way before he was.....What does that mean?? I'M in good shape but he never wheres out! LOL. Just looking at that face you know he had a ball as well as I did! The only bad thing was the muddy YUCK outside! Let's just say after playing "He needed a bath" ;o/ :o)
One thing is for sure! After yesterday I for one KNOW the dogs are just as ready for warmer weather as we are.....
Have a GREAT day! I will catch you again here on The Weather Blog later on tonight....................

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Anonymous said...

What a cutie Dobie is!
Sounds like he will need another bath after we get all the yucky rain on Sunday. I know my dogs will!