Saturday, March 7, 2009

26 Degrees Above Average And Yes The Signs Of Spring!

YES!!!!! That is right the birds have come back and they where singing there hearts out yesterday with the warm warm temperatures we seen as I had a high of 70* degrees! I'M happy about that because last night I was the only one calling for 70* that I could see. And we hit our expected mark! Not just me but 70s where reported all over the area! And I think all really enjoyed it! Us and our pets..... Now back to the wild life getting out to enjoy! Here is a picture of a squirrel that was out in my yard looking for food yesterday evening.No the yard does not look to great at this time but who's does? LOL.....I did get the chance to get out and do some yard work and I got a lot done. Our back yard is looking better. Now I have a few big piles of leaves to clean up today! If the weather lets me that is! ;o) Well, I think that will be something we can do! I think we will look mostly cloudy with a few peaks of sun like we seen yesterday. I also see us staying mostly dry as well. We will see some rain start to move in later on tonight into Sunday! Sunday is when things will get tricky! Let's take a look at what we can expect!
OK, Here is how things look as of now!

Rain will start late night tonight into Sunday. We may see some of the thunder in the morning around 7:am as some will be heading out. I think the main stronger storms will be in the afternoon. We are already in that slight risk from the (SPC) for severe weather on Sunday. And as of now there is the chance for some possible hail and as with any storm lightning and as always possible tornadoes cannot be ruled out just yet! However we will have a much better idea as we get closer and I will for sure have ANOTHER update on this tonight for you all! For now we will keep tornadoes at around a 5% chance. Hail at a 15% chance and Wind 15% as well. Winds are expected to be between 10 and 20 mph with some gusts to 25mph maybe higher in storms. Current expected rainfall for the Lafayette, and Remington, area is between a half inch and three quarters of an inch possible with higher amounts expected in storms closer to an inch possible..... Timing is everything and I will keep fine tuning this forecast as we get closer! But for today! I think most of our rain will stay to the north of our area! This should make us feel like another good day!
We will again clear out on Monday with looking like Partly cloudy to Mostly sunny skies just before we could see more possible storms in the forecast for Tuesday! Yes as we all know this warm weather does not come without a price! I mean when we had a high Yesterday of 70* degrees and our average high for this time of year is only around 44* degrees YES that's right we was a good 26* degrees above our average! You can bet we will see storms in our forecast! And believe it or not! I see lows coming by Wednesday in the 20s! I know I know but this is the time of year when we go up and down for a while! But first take a look at some signs of spring I snapped a picture of below!
Yes, the wild animals are out as we seen above and if we look closely we can see the trees are starting to bud! This is another sign that Spring is NEAR! So we can enjoy this warm weather before our lows hit those 20s again . just remember the 20s wont last long! Just another quick cool down before we warm up once again! I will have another stormy update coming your way tonight!

Thank You For Reading And I Leave You With Last Nights Sunset. The Only Clouds We See Are The Beautiful Contrail's.....................:o)

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