Saturday, March 21, 2009

A Super Saturday Is In Store For The Hoosiers!!

HAPPY SATURDAY BLOGGERS!!!!! Yes, it is a great day today and we will have nice weather to go along with it! We will look for a high today in the upper 50s and a low that will feel much better then last nights of around the upper 30s! How does that sound? Also to make it better we will see off and on sun so Partly cloudy skies! We will hold off any rain until closer to Sunday Night into Monday! Yes, I know you all would rather have the ground dry more before more rain and I would like that to but nature wants rain! And I still think we could hear some thunder later on Tuesday! I will watch this closely however at this time I'M not going to call for any severe weather which is more good news but I would not rule out any ether. Still we should watch it and you know I will keep you posted!!! ;) But at this time it is just looking like some thundershowers and heavy rainfall possible.

Also another warm up is getting closer I think we will be pushing the 70s once again by Wednesday. Otherwise we will be seeing the 60s back by Sunday! Yes this is the Indiana weather we all love so much! LOL we will go from the high we seen yesterday of only 55* degrees to now the 60s again. Well, Indiana is known for its fast changing weather and I think that is a safe thing to say at this point. And yesterday was the first day of SPRING so maybe it is time we really start to feel like it! There have been reports of flowers blooming all over the area even here at my house we have seen a few flowers start to peak out of the cold ground. It wont be to much longer before we will start to hear the lawn mowers going around our neighborhoods.

Well, I had better get off to grab me some sleep and I want all of you to have a GREAT weekend and ENJOY THE WEATHER!!!!! I will catch up with you all here again real soon and you know I will have another update coming for the rain late late Sunday into Monday. Until then Peace

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update Justin! Is a nice Sat. birds started singing before the sun came up, woke me up early on my day to sleep in LOL!