Friday, March 20, 2009

It Is Flood Safety Awareness Week. And Are Thunderstorms Back In Our Forecast? Read On To Find Out ;o)

Well Well Well! LOL we have winter for one day this week! No I'M not talking snow but there is some COLDER weather for a day! Yes, I hope you did not put up your heavy winter coats for the winter just yet. If so you may want to grab them before you head out this morning! Is is going to feel rather cold after the 60s and 70s we are use to. Take a look at today's outlook below.
Look at that cold high today of only 46* degrees. Good news is this is about as cold as it gets this week. We just have to get past that below freezing night of only 28* degrees. Bundle up is the word tip for today! It is not all bad we will see some more beautiful sunny skies today with a light wind between 5 and 10 mph.

I went out last night with me sister and we both watched the shuttle pass over head but once again and I have to say it is even better the more you see it! I just never get tired of watching it pass over. Maybe that's just me but I would think all weather lovers would love that! You can see we have been in this High pressure zone for sometime now take a look at the satellite below! Nice calm and clear over Lafayette. But how long will it last?????
Well, I think we will finish out this week before we put on anymore chances for rain. Now I will tell you there is a slight chance for some scattered showers on Sunday however I think we will hold it off until later on Sunday night into Monday! This means I think we will stay mostly dry on Sunday which is good news. I do see more rain and maybe even a thunderstorms back in our forecast by Monday! Yes, we could very well see more rain late Sunday into Monday and a possible thunderstorms from Monday into Tuesday. We will watch this closely as things keep getting closer but for now that is the next storm system we will watch. And or can expect for our area.....

Now speaking for rain and such I would like to remind all Bloggers and EVERYBODY that it is National Flood Safety Awareness Week From March 16-20. So I have posted all the info about what you need to know from the NWS so we all can be safe below. I feel we all should know this because of all the flooding we have already seen this year!! Take a look below..........

This week is National Flood Safety Awareness Week. As we have recently faced the threat of flooding, with river flooding ongoing along the Wabash River, this is a particularly good time to review flood safety rules. Basic flood safety includes the following:

Purchase and use a NOAA All-Hazards Radio.

NEVER drive into flood waters - Turn Around, Don’t Drown. Two feet of water is enough to sweep any passenger vehicle away.

NEVER walk into flood waters - it takes only 6 inches of swiftly flowing water to knock you off your feet.

Ensure that your family disaster plan includes plans to deal with the threat of flooding.
This is something everybody should be ready for. Flooding is a very big deal here in Indiana and I'M very glad that all did heed the warnings in the past flood this year! It is great news and really does keep you safe! This is what counts.....You and your family safe.

Now again we will finish this week with dry weather and slightly cooler temperatures. When will we start to get warmer again?? Well I think we start to warm up again by Monday! With 60s back in the forecast..... I know that sounds great after this cooler weather that believe it or not feels to me like the 30s! LOL. I'M a dude who gets cold easy! LOL ;) So have a great day and I will check back soon.


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