Saturday, March 28, 2009

Update As Of 3:00pm And The Drizzle Has Started!

Above is the image at 3:00pm and you can see we are starting to see a light drizzle rain and nothing heavy at this time. Now everything is still on track at this time with rainfall amounts wind gusts and snowfall. We will be seeing this off and on light to moderate rain through out the day into later on tonight still some lingering showers possible. Now as for thunderstorms there is still that slight chance for a stray thunderstorm but NOTHING severe. Yes, it is looking like we will miss the severe weather this time around. Now snowfall is still around the same with the Lafayette area seeing the change over to snow by early morning Sunday and we will look for snowfall around a dusting under a quarter inch in grassy areas. Newton, and Jasper, counties will stay under a half inch and if we go up to the way north parts on Indiana around Gary IN, they again still have the best chance for the 1" to 2" inch range.

Here is a quick look at the Satellite Radar image as of 3:00pm this afternoon. I have put a line around the area where I'M currently picking up lightning.This is currently the only area and this is not severe it is just your spring time thunderstorm. Now we have seen the winds pick up ever so slightly and we will see them pick up again later on this evening into tonight with gusts still possible around 30 to (Maybe) even 35 mph at times. I will check back with another update as needed. For now Peace..........

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