Saturday, March 28, 2009

Good Morning Bloggers It Is Time To Track..........

Good morning Bloggers! Are you ready to start tracking? Well, lets get started.
Now the timing is still good. I still think we will see the rain start around this afternoon sometime around 2:00pm. Now above is another weather model I like to use when forecasting thunderstorms for a given day! This map is showing you the possibility for a thunderstorm. Right now we are around 17 to 18 which is thunderstorms unlikely to isolated thunderstorms. This is why I say we could still see a stray thunderstorm but otherwise right now the severe weather will stay well to our south. This is good news as I know most of you could do without the thunderstorms. And some even want to miss out on the snow is that right? Well, I think we will do that as well. This is not looking much like a T-Storm or snow event but more of a rain event. Yes I still think we will see rainfall between a quarter inch to a half inch possible with locally higher amounts in thunderstorms closer to three quarters of an inch possible. Snow flurries are still possible early early Sunday morning which may fall as a mix at times. Right now I'M still not thinking we will see it add to much if any. So for now I have us in the Lafayette areas between nothing to a dusting. Still around Gary IN, they could see closer to an inch maybe two inches possible and the Newton and Jasper counties maybe a dusting to a half inch is possible. Winds will be between 15 and 20 mph through out the day with a few gusts later on tonight to 30 - 35 mph possible at times.

I will be popping in through out the day today with updates as needed.....We will have fun tracking and keeping everybody safe and updated.

Also the slight risk for severe weather has been moved more south and out of the WLFI viewing area South of I70. But you have to remember that severe weather can happen outside of this severe weather risk area. though I'M not expecting any we will as always keep a close watch! The winter weather watches and warnings are not far from home this morning just over in IL, Now I don't see them heading our way it should also be fun to see how things go in that area. So Rainy here before long....I will check back soon!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for your update Justin, is you finger feeling better, OUCH been there done that.

I have been watching the severe weather reports as the are coming in. What a monster of a storm!

Anonymous said...

Oh forgot to sign. Teri:)

Justin said...

Yes, it is doing much better today still smarts a little at times.

That is so lame me hurting my finger lol.....That's me lame O. Ha Ha :)

This is a monster system that is for sure. I will be updating off an on through out the day!