Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Warm Weather Is Coming But Not Without A Small Price!

Mild and Wet is what we will be talking about today!
We have the warmer temperatures in our forecast but the rain is coming along with it! Some are fine with the rain as long as we warm up a bit! Well, that is just what we shall do! :o) We will feel warmer today with highs right around 41* degrees and another day of Partly cloudy skies! We was rather clear out yesterday however there where a few high cirrus clouds. Tomorrow we will feel warmer yet with highs in the mid 50s but that will be nothing as to how we will be this coming Friday! Take a look at this map I put together below.....Mild but Wet.....We will be pushing 60* degrees with a current forecasted high of 57* degrees..... Yes all the warm weather lovers are ready to go and HAPPY with this forecast! :o)

We have RAINY DAYS in the forecast for a little while so it would be best to go ahead and get your umbrella ready to go! Starting later Thursday in the afternoon we will see the rain. Nothing heavy just some light off and on rain showers. Still light rain showers on Friday through the day. And more rain of Saturday and Sunday! Will it ever end????? LOL :o) Thursday and Friday I'M only looking for rainfall to be around that .10" inch mark but as we head into this weekend we will see slightly higher amounts once again! Current expected rainfall on Saturday for the Lafayette area is right around .10" inches and for Newton, and Jasper, counties or up around Remington, could see rainfall closer to that .25" inch mark. This expected rainfall amount all comes down to where the Low pressure tracks. If it stays more to our north then we will see less rainfall yet! South you get the picture, More rain.

Sunday however we all will see higher amounts. Currently I'M not looking for any thunderstorms but still some heavy rains at times. This is a little early to give a strong forecasted amount but I will still go ahead and give you all an idea. Lafayette currently could see rainfall anywhere between .30" to .75" inches with still that chance for a possible inch or so. And areas around Remington, they have the chance for closer to an inch and a quarter possible. But again this is still a little while out. And I will keep you posted..........

Another thing I would like to bring up is Day light saving time is coming up here real soon on the 8th Sunday.....And we all will move our clocks forward an hour! I know a lot of people are not liking the time change and it can mess things up! But it is still good in a way! I always get messed up with everything for about a week or two until I get use to it again! LOL. ;o)

With all this warmer weather I may have to grill out in the rain! I'M CRAZY that way! LOL.....We shall see! Have a good day! And here is your Quick Cast Blog Cast posted below..........

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin! Was a pretty day and is a pretty clear night. Smells so fresh out.

Sounds like we could get a lot of rain in the next few days ugh!