Friday, April 3, 2009

71* degrees Yeaterday Along With Some Thunderstorms And Now Snow Is Back In Our Forecast?!?! There Are Many Things Going On This Week!

We did see nice clear skies and even some highs in the 70s! Can you believe it? it was a nice day until we started to head into right around 8:pm when the rain started in. Now take a look above at this map I have put together you can see the average high which is right around 60 degrees and the record high for the month of April which is 86* degrees. We fell right in the middle of both with a high yesterday of 71* degrees. What a nice day it was! I talked with many people who just got out and enjoyed every bit of it!.....Now this morning we have but more wild Indiana weather to deal with and by that I'M talking about some early morning gusty winds! Yes, we will want to grab the warm coats as you head out this morning! See why below.......... That's right! WINDY WAKE UP! Be ready for the winds to be gusting between 30 to 35 mph at times. Now this is not expected to be an all day event which I'M sure most of you will like. Still we will see this wind until after what looks to be 8:am. Also it will still be a little wet with the light rains still trying to make there way out of our area by sometime around 7:am. Then we will start to see the clouds break up by this afternoon for what is looking to be a nice day with Partly Cloudy skies and winds will again calm to between 15 and 25 mph. Also Saturday is looking like another nice day. We will see Partly Cloudy skies and rather mild temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. This is all before we see but another round of rain / thunderstorms. Yes, Sunday will be our next chance of thunderstorms. Now currently I'M not seeing anything severe but I do see our Lifted Index around -5 which means we could see some mild thunderstorms at times. As we get closer we will as always know more! Still we will watch this just to be safe but for now we will look for rainfall between a Quarter inch and a Half inch possible. And as always I will have another update on this coming your way soon..........And now I'M showing you a SNOW MAP!?!?! Why you ask????? Well, this is because we do have some more light snow back in the forecast once again. Now looking at the map believe it or not we do on average see snow this time of year. Right around 1.9" inches or just under two inches. So far this month we have not seen any but that could change come the start of the work week! Yes, Monday is currently the best chance for some snow and maybe some real light and I do mean light sticking snow possible. Otherwise we could see more light snow flurries on Tuesday! I will have expected snowfall amounts and we will time this all out here on the Indiana Weather Blog coming here shortly! Also coming up I will have just how much rainfall we seen last night around that area and today early morning. All this and more on what we can expect coming your way real soon so be sure to check back..........

And thanks again for sticking with me through this whole blogger mess. I have to use a different computer to blog with you all until I can get whatever is wrong with mine fixed! I can post nightly blogs like this one however trying to do updates through out storms is going to be a little harder but I will do my best!!!!! I love to keep you all posted so you know a little virus is not going to stop me! ;) lol Have a good day bloggers and I will see you real soon! The weekend is coming up!!!!! Just a little something to look forward to..........Now go have a GREAT DAY! :o)

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Anonymous said...

You were right about the gusty winds this morning. I had to get out the sweatshirts, chilly, yuck.

Nice mild t-storm last night. Hope you get your computer up and running again.