Thursday, April 2, 2009

Slowing Storm As We Sit In Some Dry Air!

I'M running around using another computer to give you updates lol. I wanted to pop in to let you all know this system has slowed a bit for we have a lot of dry air in place at this time. I'M looking at current dew points of only 40* degrees and our relative humidity is only at 34% This is dry air. I did feel a few quick little droops earlier around an hour ago but that's about it! So when will we start to see this rain and or Thundershowers?????

Well I think we will start to see the rain and thundershowers start to push through our area after 8:00pm this evening. We are seeing some severe thunderstorm warnings and even a few tornado warnings in the southern part on our great state and it still looks as though all that will stray down their. We still could see a stray thunderstorm but currently I still don't think we will see severe weather which is great news! I'M sure you all agree! Also I'M seeing the dew points start to rise if we look in around to our south west in IL, which tells us it is not to far off before we start to see the rain! Get out while you can for soon the rain will fly!!!!!

Here is a quick look at the current radar image. I have put the Yellow line around where all the current severe weather is! You see it is staying to the south of our area this is good news for us here at home. This is where we will see most of the severe weather stay as we head into this evening hours. More good news for back here at home is I'M not getting any reports of winds gusting over 24 mph and even to our west in Danville IL, not getting any over around 15 mph. Still there is a chance we might see them once again pick up tonight as the thundershowers move through just so you have a heads up. Still not seeing them gusting over 35 mph. This is the update as of now..........

I have been running all over from my pc doing the weather to another pc to give blog updates! What a mess this whole virus thing has been! UGH I don't like it one bit!!!!! But things happen and we have to do with what we got! Let's just hope this mess gets over with soon..........And a BIG THANKS to my sister CJ, for letting be bum her pc for blog update! CJ you Rock! lol ;)

I will try to keep checking back as needed!

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