Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back Better Then Ever Before And Ready To Blog It Up!!!!!

Hey BLOGGERS!!!!!!!!!! GOOD NEWS! Yes, the Computer is UP and RUNNING GREAT! I was up all night last night working on trying to get my radars and weather models put back in here and even my weather graphics and I finally got them in and as of now everything is up and running. I can now get into my blogger account once again with no problem so this means I will be posting more and will be able to do in storm updates once again..... :D Yes, I'M happy lol. This whole thing has been a mess and at least we got things up and going. What we had to do was restore the whole thing back to when it was made and or like new by wiping everything out like a system restore and had to start from scratch again. So I had lost all my weather map backgrounds my virus scanner and even my weather model and radar. So I had to download my radar my weather model and the first thing I put in was (The Virus Scanner) lol I was not going to take any more chances!

Now I do know we have some more wild Indiana weather coming by as soon as tomorrow our Sunday! We will have a bit of thunderstorms possible maybe some winds to deal with and some possible snow back by late late Sunday into Monday! I can't Wait to get started with blogging with you all again! Be sure to check back real soon for the latest on what we can expect for tomorrow! I do know that for today we can look for these Partly cloudy to Mostly Sunny skies to stick around with us for awhile. It will be a flat out NICE DAY!

Now I have got to go grab something a soda or something. I will have a weather update coming your way here later on tonight so be sure to check back real soon!

IT'S GOOD TO BE BACK..........

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Anonymous said...

Good new Justin!, geez what a hassel computers can be, but we are lost when without!