Sunday, April 5, 2009

Storms Are On The Way So Don't Forget Your Umbrella!!

Yes, more storms are coming! Today we have a lot to track from heavy rainfall to thunderstorms and even severe weather to our south! Then tomorrow could we see snow once again? I will talk more about that here in just a minute but first lets talk about the blizzard weather warnings up around NE, and SD, Yes, it is a wild weather event and for all who are wanting spring weather here in Indiana you should like our forecast even more knowing we will not see any blizzards. Now me being a BIG snow lover I would not mind a blizzard lol but it is spring so lets start feeling like it! Areas around Sioux Falls SD, will be picking up snowfall around six inches overnight pushing seven inches! Not to forget winds gusting around 40 mph! No we will not even come close to six inches with our expected snowfall for Monday but how much could we see? Keep reading and I will get to it lol :) Before we talk about our snow lets see what we have to look forward to today!
Yes, the Thunderstorms. Now I have been real busy as you all already know trying to get things going with the computer and now everything is working great like new and I do want to give a quick THANKS to Teri for all her help! She really helped talk me through a lot and helped me get the MUCH NEEDED Virus Scan, I still say without her I would still be searching going NUTS lol! And a THANKS to Terry, Or as I call him Dad, For helping to take the time to restore this computer. Thanks again to both Teri and Terry lol for all your help and you know you two will be the first I call the next time something goes wrong (But let's hope nothing does anytime soon lol). But now I'M back and going strong. I have been baby sitting these weather models and still after the latest model runs I think we keep the worst and or strongest storms to our south. Right now anything severe is looking like it will stay from Indy, south. One thing we will watch again is the track of this system. If it shifts just a few miles north then our rainfall amounts could go up! Currently I have us between a Quarter inch to a Half inch possible and still both the GFS model and the European model are pretty close on agreeing where this Low will go. And as of now I think our forecasted amount of rain between .25" and .50" is a safe call at this time.

Now it has sure been a Battle of the seasons this year and we have more of that to come. Another COLD blast of air! Yes we will start out nice and mild today as the warm front pushes through our area only to be back down with a nightly low of 27* degrees on Monday night! Yes, I'M telling you all not to put up your winter coats just yet for we still have ups and downs to come and this above really shows it. After the cold front passes through our area on Monday we will see temperatures start to fall once again and also some of that rain will try to change over to some snow! Now I have been looking at all the maps like the 540 line and the QPF's and I still feel that the Lafayette area will sick with mostly snow showers and little to nothing will stick. Right now I'M going with a Dusting or Less. Kinda like what we seen just last week. Flakes but the ground was just to warm for it to add up to anything. But right now I think the COOLER air will be enough..........I know we just started April but after seeing so much rain the past few months I thought we would go ahead and take a look at where we are now and where are average precip is for the month of April. You can see on average we look for a monthly total around 3.9" inches or just under four inches. Our total up to this point and time is at .95" inches for the Lafayette, area and we are calling for another possible .25" to .50" inches today. Now I will keep making these maps through out this month each time we see rain just to see if we top out this month like the last few. This should be fun! Just a little something we can keep track of.

Now real quick lets put all this together on what today and the start of your work week will bring.

Today we may see a few scattered morning showers before noon along with some early morning gusty winds pushing 30 mph at times. Then the more heavy rains and a possible stray thunderstorm or two is more likely after 1:00pm this afternoon. Looking like the severe weather will stay from Indy south still with this being so close to home we will watch things closely and take things hour by hour. rainfall between .25" to .50" inches. Winds through out the day look between 15 and 20 mph with gusts to 27 mph possible. Rain will go through out much of the day.

Monday we will see some of the left over rains change over to some snow showers. Snowfall totals look like a Dusting or Less at this time. Winds will be slightly high again between 20 and 30 mph with gusts to 35 mph at times. (BREEZY) Highs will be in the middle 40s and lows in the upper 20s.

I will be checking in through out the day as needed.........For now I really need to catch up on some much needed sleep. I bet I only grabbed around four hours sleep last night do to PC problems and restoring all my data. Rest up Bloggers and I will see you here real soon. Have a great day and don't forget your umbrella....................

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