Sunday, April 5, 2009

Good Morning To Thunder

Scattered thunderstorms will be going through out this morning. There is a cell currently in Fountain county not severe but they still could pick up heavy rainfall flashing Lightning and still some possible Pea size hail. That cell has weakened which is great news and cloud tops are only around 300ft. Still we are looking for the severe weather to stay to our south this afternoon. Lifted Index is around -3 for our area and the EHI is showing me that the tornado chances are slim for our area and the better chance for them will be south in KY, to TN, areas.

Let's break this down.

Heavy rainfall as the latest model runs do have our expected amounts higher now between Three quarters of an inch to an inch and a quarter possible when all is said and done.

Lightning will be something to take note of. I have been watching these flashes all morning on the weather cam. Not cloud to ground which is good but still remember your lightning safety tips if you do go out!!

Few gusty winds in storm are also possible to 30 mph. And some pea size hail cannot be ruled out.

I will be checking in with you all through out the day with the latest as needed. I will be baby sitting the radar just to be safe! ;)

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Anonymous said...

Justin, gald your computer and radars are up and working! and you are welcome for the help.

I am glad could help you, after all you are alway on top of the weather, and keep us all informed.

I woke around 7:00 this morn. the sky was odd color, kind of greenish.

I went back to sleep only to wake to a bigh rumble of thunder and heavy rain.

Calmed a bit but is now getting very dark again. I am watching that cell near Covington,looks like it could contain small hail