Monday, April 20, 2009

It Was A Great Weekend Now When Will The Rain End???

Cloudy days are what we have been seeing lately!! This is a picture from our weather cam and you can even see some little rain drops if you look closely! So now we need to find out just how much more of this rainy mess will we be seeing and what more do we have to expect!! Well, I will have your answer here real soon..... So be sure to check back!

I will go ahead and tell you that we do have some more rain to get through today and maybe even Tomorrow!! But Wednesday is looking better. Also I will not rule out a light possible rumble later on this evening or so but it will not be ANYTHING severe and a rumble is still only a slight chance at this time. Now I also know that a lot of you are trying to get that grass to grow!! And we need warm weather for that right??? Well, I will also let you know when more NICE SPRING weather TEMPERATURES will return!

Thank you for reading and I will be back tonight with all this and more! See you then.....

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Brow said...

Man, that was some GREAT weather over weekend. I actually got outside and did something physical for once. :p

Pea sized hail reports right now in Monticello.