Saturday, April 18, 2009

Spring Is HERE!!!!! I Have Pictures!! :)

Hey Bloggers!! I'M popping in this weekend just to give you the latest and also to show you spring is HERE!!!!! Yes, I just took these pictures yesterday out at my aunts house! I was out their doing some ride mowing and I got it up to at least five MPH LOL!!! I really have no idea! Ha Ha :)

I do know that my aunt really has a green thumb when it comes to her plants! Well, you can really tell from these pictures! They are growing all over the place and when I passed them I just could not go on without getting a picture for you wonderful bloggers!!! And the FRESH smell they let out is GREAT! It really felt like spring I think for the first time this year that is for sure! Here is another picture below...

Now here is your quick weekend forecast!
I think for today we will stay dry with some partly cloudy skies in the morning and early afternoon. Then we will see some more clouds start to move through the area by later on that evening. Also we hit a high here in Lafayette yesterday of 73* degrees!!! Well, I think we will be right around that temperature mark again today! I'M looking for a high of around 72* degrees!! So what am I saying??? (Get out and ENJOY) :D

Tomorrow or Sunday if you like we will see some more scattered showers try to move through the area.. I look for a high around 61* degrees and calm winds between 5 and 10 mph... I don't see anything like storms to worry about which is GREAT news. I will check back if needed. Until then have your self a wonderful weekend and I will see you all real soon! Keep those comments coming I read all of them and I love them all!!! ;) Have a good one!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Pretty pics of the flowers. What a beautiful morning. The sunrise was amazing! Left a firey orange glow on everything, My neighbors home looked like it had copper siding instead of the white that it is.

WOW, wish I would have had my camera!

I am watching that huge weather system in the West. I wonder if we could get rain as early as late tonight, or will that stay to the south of us.

All enjoy today!


All enjoy this day,