Monday, April 27, 2009

Morning Update! WINDY AND RAINY Is The Forecast Today!

Hey Their.....
Just popping in real quick so you all have the latest on what is coming today! Above is what we have to look forward to this afternoon and tonight! Now here is the break down.....

Today we will see the rain start in just after 1:pm closer to 2:pm this afternoon. Now currently I'M not looking for severe weather as our Lifted Index is at -3.41 still with a front like this one we will have to watch things very CLOSELY just to be safe. Now the SPC does not currently have us in a slight risk for severe weather however it is right on the line of Indiana around Danville IL. Right now I'M thinking our main threats are going to be Gusty winds and Heavy rainfall..... Yes, we have been seeing these high gusty winds the past three days and MANNY people are done with it! But I have models showing winds today between 20 and 25 mph with some gusts between 35 and maybe even 45 mph possible at times. And also models showing rainfall between an inch to an inch and a half possible. Now some good news is the models are showing this system weakening a bit as it heads into our area. We will see rain through out the day today along with some scattered to moderate thunderstorms. Also we will still have some left over thunderstorms / Rain showers tomorrow until later on that evening then we will start to see the clouds start to break with maybe a peak of sun!

I will have another update as this front starts to push through our area later on today. Until then I have to get a few things done then it is right back here to start tracking the BEST weather in the world!!!! Indiana Weather! ;) Have a good one Bloggers!

Blog Away..........:)

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Brow said...

Love the break down of events and would love to see that wind stop blowing for a day or so.

Thanks for the update!