Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Quick Update For Thursday!

Hey Bloggers.

I'M getting to you all a little late as it is around 1:30am. I got slowed down for a while as my Internet was doing some updates and such so I'M now a little behind! So I'M just going to give you all the quick update on what we are currently looking for Today and Thursday! So let's get to it!! :)

Today we are looking mostly cloudy however I will not rule out the chance just yet for a few peaks of sun this afternoon. Now some of the weather models are showing the slight chance for a little drizzle today which would be less then a Tenth inch more like a Trace If That. However as you all know in Indiana anything is possible!

Here is a map I have put together for Thursday's Weather Outlook below.....
You can see rain is back in our forecast along with some thunderstorms! Yes, we will be watching for some rain / thunderstorms that afternoon. I have gone through the latest weather models tonight and they are showing the chance for some of these thunderstorms to be severe. Now remember that these weather models change all the time and they have (Much) time to change when it is this far out. So I will keep doing updates on this and I WILL kep you posted. Also the SPC does have our area in the slight risk so we will be watching this very closely as this would be our first real severe weather this season. I'M baby sitting the weather models that is for sure! This will be Thursday afternoon into Friday... And one of the main threats is looking like the Wind! Yes, the wind once again! Winds are currently looking between 20 and 25 mph with gusts to 35 - 45 mph at times. Yes, we have seen these winds oh so many times this year and more are on the way! And currently rainfall is looking between a half inch to three quarters of an inch possible.

I will have more on this later on tonight when I'M not so far behind lol :) So be sure to check back soon. ;)


Anonymous said...

Keep that rain total down and the severe weather away!


Richard said...

Got it back!! I am good to go.

Anonymous said...

OH NO not I Thursday! I have plans that evening, rain stay away intill at least Friday;-)


Brow said...

I just hope Sunday stays nice because I don't have the nerve to tell my daughter Dora and Diego and Indiana Beach is a no-go. :p