Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Thursday's Storm Chances!

Hey their. I just wanted to pop in with the latest on Thursdays thunderstorms chances.. But first above is a quick look at the satellite image. I still think we could see these clouds start to break up a bit later on this evening so this gives us all something to look forward to! Now I have been looking through all the newest weather models and they are now showing the slight chance for the Thursday into Friday rain and thunderstorms to be severe. It is still two days away so I will be sure to keep watching things and you know I will keep you posted! Right now it is looking like rain will be through out much of Thursday then the best chance for thunderstorms would be that afternoon and then into Friday..

I will have more on this later on tonight so be sure to check back. Here are your rainfall totals from yesterday's system.

South Bend, 1.40"

Indianapolis, 1.18"

Russellville, 1.00"

Lafayette .85"

Kentland, .65"

Rensselaer, .63"

Rochester, .45"

Remington, .42"

Monticello, .36"

I will check back soon..........

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Brow said...

Yeah keep us updated on that. :)