Saturday, May 23, 2009

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

Beautiful Beautiful weather we have been seeing this past week here in the great state of Indiana!!!! We seen nothing but sunny skies warm temperatures and yes, as you see above beautiful flowers! Yes, Teri sends in this flower picture of some Spring pink peonies..... We use to have some of these in our yard a few years ago and they are very nice looking this time of year! As I have tolled Teri before She really has an eye for taking nature pictures as we all can see above! Thanks Teri for sending me this wonderful picture! Keep them coming! ;)

Now yes we all have been enjoying this weather but how much longer do we have before more rain returns????? Well, I have your answer! Many I'M sure are wanting to know how the weather will be down at the track this weekend! So we will start with that!

I do think we will stay mostly dry at this time! Now today we will look for some partly cloudy skies along with more warm temperature's around 84* degrees. My two main weather models are showing the slight chance for some scattered (Light rain) showers later on tonight into early early Sunday morning. This rain would be really light with amount staying close to a Tenth inch or Less more like a Trace..... So in this case I'M not looking for much if any! Now Sunday is looking mostly cloudy with again the slight chance for a few light hit and miss scattered showers. Again this would be really light (If any) I do however think they will get the race in with no problem! The thing with these weather models is this. They are not something we can totally trust 100%. Weather models change all the time as most of you already know. I have one telling me that rain will not be a problem and another still looking for a Trace of rain on Sunday! So this is why I will keep it a slight chance! But you can rest knowing that I do not see a wash out which is GREAT NEWS!!! ;)I do however see some cooler temperatures moving in by Race Day! Now we will not fall into the 50s or 60s which is good! But we will fall back into the 70s which is a nice temperature change after we have started getting use to these wonderful 80s! You can see this weak front will push through our area by Saturday into early Sunday morning bringing Sunday highs to around 75* degrees. No this won't last for long as I see us back up pushing the low 80s by Wednesday. Which is also when we will start to see that Low pressure system move into our area that has caused such major problems down in the sunshine state of FL, I don't see us getting anything like what they have seen. However rainfall will move our way! This is currently our next best chance for some decent rainfall. I will as always keep you posted with the latest..... :)

Now Memorial Day is coming up as it is Memorial Weekend! Teri also sent me some wonderful videos for Memorial Day. So I thought I would post them so you all could enjoy! Another BIG thanks to Teri! Here are just a few links she sent me below.

Also here is a link to one of my videos that I put together on youtube for Race Day that you all can check out below..... Now everybody have a GREAT!!! Memorial Day weekend. I will check back as needed but otherwise I will see you all here on the Indiana Weather Blog again Monday!



Anonymous said...

Thanks, Justin and Teri! Great blog you have going!

Happy Mem Day weekend to all!

We just had a passing shower here. Got .02 rain


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin, thanks for your update and posting the stuff:) However, Justin the one youtube links is of a little boy playing the guitar on Ellen's show, I sent that one to you by mistake LOL!



Angela Huffer said...

Justin we too spend the month of May down at the track. Going to the races this weekend and love going to practice and time trials. Its the greatest sport.. Thanks for the update and have a great Memorial Day weekend. Oh and things for the great news on getting the race in. I would hate to be soaked.

Anonymous said...

Amazing blog! Thank you Justin for all you do with keeping us updated! Teri the videos should make people remember what Memorial Day is about! I have a friend who is fighting in this war, and my father was in WWII, my grandfather was in WWI!

Thanks to the both of you!


Anonymous said...

Is it going to be this hot tomorrow? Its 88.5 degrees out with a humidity of 40. no wind no breeze. Time to turn on the AC???

Looks like rain on the way?

Anonymous said...

God Bless all who fought for OUR SERVICE, from generation to genertion

Brow said...

Have a great holiday everyone!

Anonymous said...

Picked up .27 in showers here today! Some thunder but nothing major.


KAthy said...

Ty you so much Justin for the weather blog and info. I'm sure everyone is missing that. I know Chad is trying and doing a great job He is just not personal yet, hopefully he will. Also it is great to still beable to blog with Mike! Did you all see his pictures of all that rain! WOW crazy.... All stay stay and have a great weekend! Ty Terri for the awesome videos! God BLess ALl! Kathy Lafayette

Anonymous said...

oops stay safe

Anonymous said...

All enjoy this beautiful race day! We are lucky that we have not YET gotten any of the rain from the system in FL. how awful for them!

Be safe everyone, and do remember to wear your seat belts if traveling, the police will be out in full force!