Sunday, May 24, 2009

Your Track Side Forecast Is Looking GREAT!!!!! Get Ready To Grill!! ;o)

Hey my Blogger friends!!

I'M just popping in real quick on your Memorial day with the latest on your Track side forecast! I do think we will stay dry out there for the race today with some Partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and mild highs jumping back into the low 80s again! Yes, I know earlier this week we was calling for highs around 75* degrees but I did say this was a weak front and as you can see we will cool off some but not to much. However I don't think you will need the jackets out there today! ;) The rain chances are (really slim) for the race today however if being the key word (If) we where to see anything it would be just a quick light mist with rainfall less then a tenth inch around a trace or so! But I'M going to say we keep the race dry! Now we may see some light rain try to move into our area later on after the race later on tonight into early Monday with Monday afternoon being the better chance for some light rain. Not storms just some rain possible.

We are watching this low pressure slowly makes it's way towards us as we could start to see some of it's rain by closer to Tuesday night into Wednesday possible. And I will keep you all posted on that as well. Until then have a GREAT time if any of you are heading down to the track! And for the rest of us go out and have some good family fun! :)

I'M going to head out and start helping with getting things ready for the cookout tonight! Race Day is a big deal here at our house! ;) Everybody remember the true meaning of Memorial Day and (God Bless All The soldiers And There Family's) And God bless everyone on this Memorial Day weekend!

I'll check back soon....................

Happy Memorial Day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Justin...was watching WTHR before I left for church, that rain has gotten a lot closer to Indy than earlier. I wonder if they are going to get the race in. I thought it always started at 11:00 but I see now it is at 1:00.

Happy Race Day! It is humid out there for sure!


Anonymous said...

whoooohooo, what a Carb day!!! hope the rain holds off, plezz!!!
Man the shape of the track is great. already a crash shoot!

Jim Neighbors was awesome! the whole opening was something like I have never seen, for those of you who cannot get the race on tv MAKE SURE YOU WATCH TONIGHT!

Have a great and safe one man!

Anonymous said...


It is a hot day, almost 89 degrees!

I dont like it when it is this hot in the end of May and with that low pressure moving in, I would think we are goin to get dumped on in the next few days!

And thank you Justin, dont eat too much with that cookout!

Anonymous said...

It's Jim Nabors.

Anonymous said...

thought is was Gomer Pyle:-) Jim NEBORS is a legand, who cares about the spelling of the last name, he is a part of the Indy 500!

Anonymous said...

Great job on your forecast Justin! The race was completed without rain, yes! A beautiful day, however I agree was a hot day. I had to turn on the AC, ugh.

After listening to the race on the radio, most of the afternoon, I am now watching it on TV.

Was a great day for a cookout too. Ready for bed already, ate too much LOL! People are still cooking, the air is filled with the aroma of yummmy grilled foods.

Hope all enjoyed today,looks like rain is not far away.


Anonymous said...

Great forecast, Justin. You nailed it.


Angela Huffer said...

It was so hot down there at the races. We had a blast but came home fried. Thankfully no rain!!!