Friday, May 8, 2009

A Quick Blog Post And Then Off To Bed.....

The Severe Thunderstorm Watch has been lifted for the WLFI viewing area and we did miss out on the severe weather and just seen some scattered thunderstorms thank goodness..... I know all of you are happy about that! I know I Am.... I did have a number of reports of lightning and heavy down pours anywhere from Lafayette to Monroe, and even in Fountain county and Clinton county. We seen a nice Spring storm all over the area. And only one report of Hail was reported.... And that was here in the WLFI viewing area. Yes, just to our south in Montgomery county as seen below.Hail size was over three quarters of an inch which is a pretty good size stone!! This was the only severe weather report we seen yesterday and I know we are all thankful this was the only one. So do we have more severe weather threats for today? Well, I'M not thinking so. I do think we will see some left over rain showers as we wake up this morning and a few rumbles cannot be ruled out but Otherwise we will be mostly cloudy with some light off and on rain showers through out the day. However not an all day rain event! Then it is looking like a rather nice weekend with highs in the upper 60s to low 70s and partly cloudy skies. Yes, Mothers Day is looking great and any Mother will be happy with what Mother Nature has for us! I will post your Mothers Day forecast on here later on tonight so be sure to check back.

Now believe it or not we have been VERY lucky with missing the severe weather so far. But after looking at some of the long range models we do have what looks to be a better chance for more thunderstorms later on next week! We will watch every system closely and take each one hour by hour much like we did this system!! I want to thank you all for your reports as well. They really do help!

And after what rain we have today we will be off to a good start to our weekend! Like I said before I will be going down to the Time Trials in Indianapolis on Saturday with a few other people and I will try to get some pics to show here on the Indiana Weather Blog! It should be a lot of fun and if any of you are thinking about heading down their I think Mother Nature will have nice weather for us! ;)

Well, I'M off to grab me some much needed sleep! I will catch up with you all here again real soon! It was a lot of fun tracking with you all..... :)


Brow said...

Yeah get some sleep!

Ah man...windy on Sat...I get so tired of that dang wind.

Brow said...

Wow, look at that monster in Missouri right now. Its got one heck of a spin to it.

Anonymous said...

I have been watching to storms in Missouri, WOW what damage from 80mph winds and confirmed tornados?

Now Tenn, and areas are getting hit hard!

Looks like rain is not far away our vewing area.