Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Sunny Skies Have Been Wonderful And The Rivers Are Looking Good! But Could We See More Wet Weather By The Start To The Next Work Week???

I'M still watching your Race Day forecast and I can tell you the currently it is looking mostly dry however we do still have that slight chance for a light rain before the day is up!! I have some models saying we will hold off the rain until later on Monday and others telling me we will see some light scattered rain in the evening! So many models and so much confusion. This is why I will continue to watch your Race day forecast and I will fine tune everything up until the day of the Race which as you all know is this Sunday!
Will you all be doing your cookouts???? My family will and I can't wait! We do a cookout every year and we all get together! This is one of the best spring holidays there is! lol :)

Now I know we had wonderful weather here in Lafayette and the whole WLFI viewing area yesterday! Did you all enjoy?? I did and I really soaked up the sun rays that is for sure! But will we have another nice day today?? Weather-wise "Yes" And the rivers are still falling and looking much better! Take a quick look below.....You can see above that the rivers are looking better at this time! Yes, we are still at action stage but are also still falling..... This is not only good news for all who live along the rivers but also great news for the Farmers! The crops are starting to look better however next week the rain will return! Yes, this week we will all want to enjoy while we can! More rainy weather will be back by the start to the next work week! We will talk more about this later on tonight!

I will catch up with you all again real soon..... For now I'M off to get some rest! I'M pooped! lol ;) Enjoy the sunny skies again today! And be on the look out for another Race Day Outlook here soon!

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Brow said...

Yep, cook outs are on the way for this weekend. Can you tell if Saturday is gonna be crazy weatherwise?