Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Will We Be Dry For Race Day??? How Long Will The Sunny Skies Last??? Are The Rivers Falling??? So Many Questions!! :)

Well, this is the picture we will be looking at today! I know so many people was out yesterday just enjoying the beautiful weather and loving that sun!!!!! I know I was and the doggies went out to lay around in the sun as well. And if you missed out on the sunny skies for some reason yesterday then get ready for another beautiful day today! Yes, you can see in that satellite image above that the skies will stay clear and warm temperatures will stick around once again! Currently I'M looking for highs around 86* degrees can you believe it?!!! Could we need to kick on the A/C already????? I'll let you make that call! LOL :) We hit a high yesterday here in Lafayette of whopping 84.2* degrees!!!!! By looking at this I think it is safe to say that the weather models had under estimated the highs! Now I know a lot of you are wanting to know how the Race Day forecast is coming! Well, here is a quick sneak peak above. You can see that currently I want to keep it dry! So I'M currently calling for Mostly cloudy skies with a high in the low 70s. I do still think we will stay mostly dry with a slight chance for a light rain later on that evening to that night! Now this is still a long way away so I will continue to watch this and I will keep you updated with more Race Day forecasts coming real soon.

Otherwise I think we will stay mostly dry this week with today looking like Sunny skies and warm temperatures around 86* degrees. Thursday is also looking like Mostly Sunny skies and highs still hanging around the low to middle 80s around 84* degrees. Even lows are starting to warm up as they are looking around the upper 50s for the next few days! It will be great weather to get out the telescope and do some start watching! That is what I'M going to do this week! I just got a new Telescope and I can't wait to try it out! And last but not least I wanted to let you all know how the rivers are looking at this time! We are still under the flood warnings however things are looking and or becoming better every day! You can see that the Wabash river has crested at 19.83ft last Saturday at 10:pm. And now we are watching the rivers fall! Yes, we are expected to fall all the way down to flood stage which is at 11.0ft by tomorrow / Thursday! Yes, things are coming around after all this nice sunny weather we have been seeing!

Now I will be beck later on tonight to talk more weather with you all. Also we will have more Race Day weather outlooks as we keep getting closer! Will we get those cookout's in???? Will the Track stay dry????? So many questions!! :)


Anonymous said...

Just want to give a SHOUT OUT to Justin for a GREAT blog !!! Thx for posting such detailed info. I have been following for quite some time and decided it was time to post.. So keep up the great work!! I can always depend on you !!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the updates Justin!

I'm LOVING this weather :-)