Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Track Was Heating Up Last Saturday And Now It Is The Weather Watchers Turn!!

Well, would you take a look at that!! That was one of the best days of fun and Indy Cars I have ever had... Well, at least in a while! LOL.. You can see above that we was sitting right next to the start finish line and got some great shots with the video camera as well. We where also just across from Tony Kanaan, and Danica Patrick's, pit.... Yes, it was a little cooler then we first thought it was going to be which it was a good thing I had my jacket with me! However some did not!! Yes, there was a few people that I know of that went down in just shorts and a T-shirt! Why?? I have no idea! LOL I think we only hit a high that day around 65* degrees with a wind gusting to 28 to 30 mph. And being up in the stands you can bet it got a little cool! But all in all it was a GREAT time.. Below is a picture I took of Tony Kanaan, at his pit.You can see he was getting his stuff together to get out on that track! He has got to be one of my favorite drivers for more reasons then one. He is a great driver, He is also one of the nicest guys you would want to meet, And he plays fair on the track. He also has lead at least one lap every Indianapolis 500 yet he still has yet to win one! Could this be his year??? Or could Danica Patrick be the first woman to win in Indy??? We shall know soon enough! Until then lets take a look at what is in store for us this week weather -wise!!This is what we are looking for this Wednesday! Yes, this could very well be our first real severe weather this season! This is a good reason why we will be watching this system very closely as it unfolds..... The map above really shows everything. You can see this is for Wednesday morning as that first front makes its move on us. Yes, the warm front..... Now I do think we will see some scattered thunderstorms as we wake up Wednesday however I think we will hold off any severe weather until later on that evening into late that night into early early Thursday morning. It is the (Cold Front) that will bring us a squall line of thunderstorms that evening. And as you all know after the warm front pushes through our area bringing all that nice moist humid air along with it and then a cold front pushes its self up and under the warm humid air things can become kinda crazy! Right now it is looking like some gusty winds could be a problem gusting to 35 (Maybe) 40 mph at times along with some dangerous lightning and possible small hail cannot be ruled out just yet. Because this is our first real chance for some severe weather this season I will be having more updates on this system as it continues to develop.....

Until then today is looking like a nice day with Partly cloudy skies this afternoon and some more clouds try to move in later on this evening into tonight... Look for highs in the low 70s and lows in the upper 40s to low 50s. Winds will be light between 10 and 15 mph.

Thank you all again for reading! I will be back with more updates real soon! See you then....................


Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin!
I am very nervous about Wednesday. Severe weather scares me!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a fun day at the track! I am a bit worried about the weather on Wed. as well. Sounds like it could hit during the day while I am at work. I wont be able to follow the radars:(((


Brow said...

Yes, keep us updated as it could get interesting.

Anonymous said...

Hi Justin and all....I didn't forget you Justin, just was waiting for severe wx to look you up again :-)

Dang, tomorrow is NOT looking good. A lot of hype about the severity of it. In fact, an online friend from Central IL says the big chasers are coming to this region tomorrow!! What does THAT tell you??

Teri, from what I have been reading the most severe is to start late day, so hopefully you will be home to check radar. I have an appt IN Lafayette tomoroow about noon so am hoping I get back home B-4 it starts and yet I do NOT want it to come in after dark. sheesh...we are overdue, hope it does not hit us hard!

Take care all, see you later!