Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Weather Models Are All Over The Place!

Just going to pop in with one quick look at whats to come for Wednesday / Tomorrow. Let me start out saying that the timing on these weather models are all over the place this evening. And the models have already changed twice today alone so we can bet they will most likely change again by tonight lol. Here is what things are looking like currently. And things will really start to come together by tonight so I will be back with yet (Another) update! ;)

We will wake up on Wednesday morning with some rain showers and a few rumbles cannot be ruled out as well. Also don't be alarmed to see some gusty winds through out much of the day as the latest are showing winds gusting to around 30 mph outside of storms. As for the timing right now it is looking like the stronger stuff will hold off until later that evening closer to 7:pm or so. So what are we looking for as our main threats????? I have that posted below.

Current Main Threats..........

Heavy Downpours.

Few Gusty Winds To 30 - 35 Mph.

Dangerous Lightning.

And Some Small Hail Also Cannot Be Ruled Out.

Currently it is looking like IL, is going to be the main area to watch Wednesday and I'M not the only one who thinks so.....Even the SPC is putting IL, in the Moderate risk area for severe storms. We are still in that slight risk so we will continue to watch this line closely as it moves in.

I'M sure things will change again however after looking at the maps last night and now looking at them again today things have improved slightly! Will that continue? is the question. That is why I will have another update on here tonight! See you then....................


Brow said...

Cool, so I wonder if there is going to be a threat of tornadoes tomorrow with this front?

What I have been seeing is still wind and possible hail...not to mention all the rain.

Brow said...

By the way, you have been request to make an appearance on Chad's weather blog. :)

Anonymous said...

Let's hope things continue to improve for us here in Indiana.. I can do without the severe wx :-)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Justin,

And yes you have been requested to post on Chads blog:)

Keep up the great job;