Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Low Staying South Keeps The Heavy Rain With It!!!

This is the set up I was talking about in my last post! This low pressure system has set up more to our south then it was showing us a few days ago. And now it has set up a few more miles south then first expected. This has kept more of the heavy rainfall totals to our south once again.. We did have the rainfall amounts right on the money which I'M proud of lol. It is just that they stayed around boon, county and south.... This is where they had that .25" to .30" inches we talked about and called for last night. That is what happens when the low sets up a few 100 miles south.

Still I'M going to keep us in around a 20% to 30% chance at some light scattered off and on showers today however nothing heavy and no thunderstorms to worry about.... Strong that is anyway! I'M not looking for much this time around.. Good news is if you are planing to do some work outside today it will be nice and cool again with highs in the low to middle 70s. Not bad not bad at all..........

I will check back if there are any more major changes in the weather.... This is the main reason I will NOT use those Radar Image models that show what the radar should look like at a given time. I have found that they are wrong to many many times.... It is always much better to not only go with the weather models but also your gut!

I will check back....................


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the update Justin, I just read that Lafayette's Tropicanoe Cove, Castaway Bay and Vinton Pool will be closed today due to cool/chilly temps.Temp near the park..65.5 humidity 83%


Anonymous said...

When it comes to trying to predict how much rain we will get you can be wrong no matter what method was used. Some like one method, some like another. Most were wrong last night no matter what method they used. One method is no better than the other. It's just a preference. Mother Nature does just does it her way.

..T.. said...

Why does Anonymous always make it sound like Justin is competing with someone??

Who Cares??

You Anonymous freaks are crazy and I'm done with this blog!! The bloggers are not worth it.

Catch you later Justin..


Anonymous said...

Way to go ANONYMOUS!! What is your point anyway???


Anonymous said...

Good morning all cool 63.5 where I am this morning. The air is heavy though. humidity 89%.

Justin, I didnt have a chance to post a thank you for sharing your pics from the Zoo Run Run, Looks like you guys had a great time!

And I havent checked today but looked like it was very close for the weather pic of the week.Your was winning! Good luck!