Thursday, July 23, 2009

This Blog Is Coming To An End.... Thanks For All Your Support!

Well, as you can see the sky's look as though they will try and clear out a little bit today before to long! I do think we keep today mostly dry for the most part.... Still right now as the morning goes on we are still trying to get these crazy clouds out of our area lol. So what about the rain everyone is talking about for today?? Well I shall get right to it! Take a look below.You can see that the main thing causing the possibility for some light scattered rain showers today will be that low pressure system to our north and east.... This is what may spin out a few light scattered showers from the north. Still we are only going to give this around a 30% to 40% chance. This would be later on this evening..... Not looking for much this time around.... Rainfall looking around a tenth inch.

Now I have something I would like to fill you all in on.... I love this Blog and I love my Bloggers as well as keeping you all updated the best way I can in and out of storms. It has been a wonderful three years on weather blogs for me however it is getting close to ending this weather blog. This is a Weather blog and a fun talking blog for people to come and enjoy. This is not a place that I put together for everyone to come a fight over the weather! The weather is not something that one can even fight about!! Really!! I read all the comment that get posted and I just wanted to say that I'M in NO competition with ANYONE. I just post my thoughts on the weather and I always hoped it helped you all as well.

All these Anonymous posters starting things / fights over weathermen is also pointless..... In case you all want to know why I talk about Mike Prangley,on this blog more then I do Chad evens, it is simply because I know Mike and he has helped me SO MUCH when it comes to weather!!! I have known him a long time and I have talked and seen him many more times. I have never said anything bad about Chad, and I'M not going to.... He has not done anything.. I just don't know him as well. As for if Mike is better then Chad or Chad better them Mike, It does not matter!!!! Everyone does the forecast a different way. Some better then others. It happens! But it is nothing to go wild over. I'M just getting tired of watching people go at it over something like weather and weathermen. That is not what I made this blog for and it is not what I wanted. All these people commenting anonymous and saying bad / rude things to hurt other people, it is nothing but childish play.. Lets all grow up and let it be... This is the reason this blog is coming to an end! I do thank you all for supporting me over all this time. But when it comes to fighting over the weather!! Lets don't do it.......... I started this blog without having to! Just because I wanted to. I get nothing out of it other then to read your comments! Which I love doing. But not when they are rude and childish.... Please in the future be kinder and nicer to people!!

One Act Of Random Kindness Can Change The World.

If you all really want this blog to continue then there is only one other thing I can do!! And that is make it so everyone who wants to post has to have a blogger ID..... This is very simple to do!

It is all up to you! Thank you for everything!! Please let me know in the comments..... ;]

I will check back soon.... It is not over yet!


Anonymous said...

Good for you Justin, Many rely on your weather blog!

You should be very proud of your blog and all that you do to help others during bad weather, or Just having fun during calm times.

Too bad a few bad apples can spoil it all! Perhaps they will think twice or go somewhere else to complain about THE WEATHER PEOPLE!

You have my vote on an ID if necessary, to keep your blog a friendly and infomative place!

Thank you for all you do!


Anonymous said...

Justin, I love your blog too. You do a great job. I agree everyone is different and had their own way of presenting the weather. It is neither good nor bad, just different. Please keep your weather blog.

Barbie in Frankfort

Anonymous said...

Justin! I am shocked at you wanting to close down the blog! If you do, it will be greatly missed by all of us who DO follow local weather!!!! Don't let those jerks destroy a good thing. You have a talent that needs to be shared. I hope you can change your mind. I would not mind an ID at all.

FYI it is POURING in RENS, sun shining here. Hope we can get some much needed rain tonight!


Brow said...

Justin, don't shut your blog down. You don't realize how much this helps everyone. Not to mention a great thing for your resume in the future!

Cant you just block the people starting crap?

Like I mentioned before, I can help you set something up on wordpress if you would like...I know that you would love it and its great with filtering out bad comments, etc.

If they are the reason, you are throwing in the towel, don't let them win. ;)

I know exactly how you feel though...I've been doing stuff like this for years.

Nicky said...

Im so glad,that i found your blog. Before i was scared and nervous before any storm bc i didnt know what was going on or anything like that.. now i just read your blogs and im 10x calmier.. hopefully you dont close those blogs..

Anonymous said...

I am sorry for the rude and childish people but don't let that ruin your blog! You have my vote for requiring a valid ID. I don't have a blogger account, but I'll get one :-) Your blog helps me (and many others).. plus it's fun talking about the weather and whatever else comes to mind. Don't let the mean people ruin this for you as you obviously love it soooo much!! And there are many of us who truly appreciate your blog and what you do.


Anonymous said...

Hey Justin !! Like I said before I have followed your blog since you were on the WLFI blog with Mike. Dont shut it down. You have so much talent. This is a great thing you have here. I am sorry for the post that I made. I realize that I went overboard. I was getting tired of people posting stuff against you when you were trying and doing a good thing. I stayed quite all this time and then decide to post. And then I lose it . I apologize. Wont happen again. Dont waste your talent because of a few hot heads. Again sorry.


Anonymous said...

I'm so happy to read all the support for your blog. Please don't stop it - I have been telling people all summer that you, at 16, are FAR more accurate than any of the other sources. I enjoy WLFI's blog for teaching more of the technical side. But let's face it - YOUR forecasts are more dependable, and always posted - something that has been missing on Chad's, lately.

During weather "events", it is such a relief to have multiple sources to verify information. Your blog would be sorely missed!

There are always going to be outspoken people, who enjoy ripping others apart. It's your choice to let them win, or not. My family has a saying: (anyone who knows Latin, please pardon any errors) "Illigitimate non carborundum". Which means: Don't let the bast***s get you down.

If you decide to stop the blog, there will be a big hole in the local weather scene.

Sorry for the long post. I read your blog ALL the time but don't usually add my two cents. I would really miss my daily weather "catch-up" from your blog.

I'm praying you can do what you need to for keeping this blog safe and happy. I challenge all you others who just "read", to post your support...

K in Ravinamy

Anonymous said...

Hey Justin! Looks like you won the weather pic of the week! Ended at midnight, and you are a head!!!

What nice comments people are making on here about your blog.


Anonymous said...

The Aunt here . Justin I am so proud read all of these supporting comments from people. Told you that you touched more people then you thought. You LOVE doing weather. And you are very good at it. Let the "punches" roll and take control of your blog. But dont shut it down. You have a big following now and that took yrs to get. It is hard to earn respect from people especially when they dont know dont you. But you have earned it on here. I am so proud of you ! Now that it is getting tough though, you cant just quit. Life gets tough buddy. You are a strong young man and a much better person then that . Dont let some one that doesnt know you and has to be negative all the time ruin your dreams. They are every where. You just keep your chin up , know you are the better person and keep striving for the top !! And it looks like you have a lot of support in doing that!! Love ya kiddo!!

Aunt Bobbie