Monday, July 6, 2009

Slow Updates Because I'M A Dummy!! :)

Hey Bloggers....
I'm sorry to say that blog updates are going to be short and few again this week! This is only because I'M having a hard time typing do to the fact I was out enjoying the nice weather yesterday and thought I would make my bird Memo, a little play area like most bird owners do or have. So while cutting a good size tree branch in half with a hand Saw (Not electric) thank goodness........ I came back and cut my finger. And no it could not be a little cut I might add!!!! lol it was big enough to make me run to the hospital and get three stitches!!!! Which I would do anything to get out of lol. But sometimes it has to be donw! Anyway it is looking better and I did no permanent damage!!!! Just need to give it time to heal! I will still try to pop in with short weather updates the best I can through out this week. Until then have a good Monday Bloggers and (Stay Safe) :)


Anonymous said...

Well did Memo get his playground? Not funny I know! Take care, I am sure you will heal fast.

I am seeing a chance for t'storms tomorrow.. Hope you feel better by then;)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Justin...sorry about that finger adn stitches!!