Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Chance At Some Light Rain However Not A Total Washout!

Hey everyone. Thank you all for understanding and allowing me time to get better. Right now I'M in a little pain but doing ok!! However I did want to check in with just a few quick things!!

First off today we are looking for some Partly cloudy skies however we are not going to rule out the slight chance at some light scattered rain showers later on this afternoon / evening. And then into Wednesday! Nothing strong or severe. A few rumbles are still possible however not a major washout or heavy downpours. And remember this is a slight chance around 30% to 40% chance. Still I'M here to let you all know what I know ahead of time Just in case! ;)
Now to answer some questions from my last blog post, Yes, Memo's Play area was finished! LOL. My sister helped me get it done and he loves it!! Here is a quick picture below.
You can see it has lots of stick steeps and also a wooden swing! Everything is eatable and safe for Memo. Just in case your wondering why Memo, is not playing on it this is because it is past his bed time and he fell asleep! :) He is only 48 Days old and still very much a Baby!

I will check back the best I can if anything is to change weather - wise! Have a Great day Bloggers! I'M going to go rest!

See Ya Soon.................... AND THANKS AGAIN!!!! ;]


Anonymous said...

What a nice little play area for your bird..I hope your finger feels better soon.

Sounds like a heatwave is on the way, need to get mowing.

Have a good one all!


Anonymous said...

Few light rain showers in Laf. glad I got my yard work done today.

Feeling better Justin? Hope so we all need to get ready to track storms by the weekend as it looks and we count on your blog:)