Friday, July 10, 2009

Update On Your Weather Outlook

Well, we have been watching the radar's all morning and watching that rainfall to our north and west in the state of IL. This rain / thunderstorms has been weakening which is great news however we are still looking for some scattered thunderstorms to move into the area later on tonight and then mainly Saturday! This is a map I just put together to show how things are expected to look by 8:00AM tomorrow / Saturday. But first what about today? Well, I do still think we keep a 40% chance at some scattered thundershowers later on this evening / Into tonight however I still look for the better chance at some scattered to moderate thunderstorms on Saturday where we will also have the better chance at some locally heavy rainfall amounts. Currently I'M looking at rainfall amounts for tomorrow between a quarter and a half inch possible with as I said locally higher amounts possible in some areas.

Now for today extreme western parts of our state is in the slight risk for severe however again Tomorrow much of the state will be watched as that cold front tries to make its move on us!

I will check back again later on this evening if anything is to change! Have a good day Bloggers. I'M off to get some work done real fast! ;]


Brow said...

My lawn needs rain sooooo bad! Maybe it will turn green again. :)

Brow said...

Yep, here comes the rain...about another 20 minutes to Monticello.

Anonymous said...

Loud thunder in W Laf