Friday, July 10, 2009

Starting Out Nice With Possible Storms On The Way Later.

Well, Today we are going to start out with some Partly cloudy skies however it won't last for long with some rain / Scattered T-storms on the way later on this evening / Tonight possible! Currently there is a slight chance that a few storms could become severe however I will not make that my final call until I get a few more model runs in! But for not we will not rule some out!

I have to go do some yard work for a neighbor today then I will be back with another update on our weather for tonight! Also I put in the link to my weather page on the side panel just to the top right on my blog.... I will pop back later on today.....

Be sure to check back.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

JUSTIN!! your newest video "Waiting on the World To Change" is awesome! All of your videos are, yet this is my fav!

Be careful working in the yard, with that sore finger of yours! We need ya here typing away IF storms hit:)

Once again wonderful Justin and CJ!