Friday, September 4, 2009

Did You See The Not - Harvest Moon?

Again a big thanks to my bloggers for all your comments! ;)

Now everyone is most likely going to be out trying to view the so called "Harvest Moon". Or as I should say the "Not - Harvest Moon". Why do I call it this you ask? Well because its true. People often call the September full moon this time of year the Harvest Moon because farmers will use the bright moon light to work into the late night hours to harvest there crops. However feel free to get out and enjoy this wonderful view of the full moon. It is a thing of beauty that is for sure. Here is a picture below.
I did not take this picture however here is who did. Lets here what he has to say below.

"I took a look outside before bedtime and saw this beautiful sight!" says photographer P-M Hedén of Vallentuna, Sweden. "Going to bed was out of the question. Instead I took my camera (a Canon 450D) outside, made three exposures, and combined them to create the image shown above."

So when is the real Harvest Moon? Well the real Harvest Moon of 2009 will be on Oct. 4th. That is when I want you all to get out, View the sky, And snap those pictures so we can all see the beautiful moon here on Justin's Indiana Weather Blog AKA JIWB. :) That is the mission should you choose to except it! :) LOL.

WOW Besides the moon what do we have to talk about this week?? With all this wonderful weather we have been seeing there is just no weather to talk about l0l. However I'M just fine with that! However come winter I want to be tracking some BIG WINTER STORMS! (Snow) not ICE!!!! We had enough of that last year! And Mary Anne has had her time with ice storms. I remember the pictures she sent into Mikes Weather Blog and the story to go along with it! AMAZING! But very very scary! I'M going crazy working on the winter outlook for this year and as soon as I have it fine tuned I will be sure to post it here for you all to view.

Now remember when I added a new member to the Indiana Weather Blog who was my Parakeet Memo? Well, Memo now has a new buddy! Yes, my sis just got a parakeet not to long ago and they are the BEST of buds! The only problem is Memo, is a Boy and My sisters parakeet is a girl! Ugh LOL. You can see in this picture below that Memo, is totally in love Ha Ha ........ This is just to funny! :D
Memo, is on the right. LOL. I love this shot! :) Just so you all know we watch them closely! ;) You can't really tell in this picture however my sisters Parakeet or the left is a yellow, Blue, Light Blue, White, Gray, and Black color. Rare yes, And when one tweets the other just has to get a say as well Ha Ha. Just wanted to show you all the newest member!

And now the quick cast blog cast.

Today we will see more Mostly sunny skies with a few high clouds possible. We will feel slightly warmer with highs right around the upper 70s to low 80s. Loews will be in the middle 50s. I don't think gusty winds will be a problem today with light winds between 5 and 10 mph.

Saturday the start of the weekend is also looking good at this time! We will see more partly cloudy to mostly sunny skies. Highs right around average in the low 80s around 81* degrees. Lows will also be mild around 57* degrees. Winds will be even lighter between 3 and 5 mph with a few light gusts to 10 mph possible. If you can even call that a gust :)

Thanks for reading. I'M off to get something to eat. A late snack! Ha Ha. I will check back soon....................


Anonymous said...

The moon has been absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Last night the summer sky was a real treat to see!

And, ain't love grand Justin, watching Memo and new friend!


Anonymous said...

Awww, what a darling pic. I love birds! Mine is so spoiled, she chatters away all day. And she looks just like your birds.

The moon was lovely last night, and today is perfect. Love the clear skys and the warm temp. I hope the rain hold off for the weekend!


Brow said...

Hey everyone! Remember me? :D

I've been busy as heck too and just realized the switch-over. I like the new look and will get my bookmarks updated again.

@Justin - Can you import your posts from wordpress back over here? Not a biggie, but sometimes I like to go back and relive some history. :p

Anonymous said...

How old is your sisters new bird? They are really cute!

Annie said...

Woohoo! Justin's back! And back on Blogger, which is my own personal favorite. :) Happy Labor Day Weekend, everyone!

Anonymous said...

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